Erhan Turan

Adjunct lecturer for Business Information Systems

Erhan Turan
Building BCN, Room 728
Fax : +49 69 1533-2903

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Thesis papers

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (z.B. SAP ERP)
  • Industry 4.0 & IoT
  • Prince 2 
  • Relational (e.g. Oracle 12c EE) or Big Data-relevant data bases (key-value stores, document stores)
  • You can find the formal requirements for academic papers in the general notes on thesis papers of Faculty 3: Business and Law.


General notes on thesis papers of Faculty 3

Supplements for papers in the area of Business Information Systems are in preparation

  • Standardisierte Projektinitiierung in einer Großbank bei der Erweiterung eines Confirmation Matching Webportals, Commerzbank AG, 2014  
  • Konzept zur Erkennung und Minimierung von Betrugsbuchungen im touristischen Onlineportal der Thomas Cook AG, 2014   
  • Konzeption und Durchführung einer Nutzwertanalyse zur Evaluation von Cloud-basierten ERP-Lösungen, entplexit GmbH, 2014
  • XML-Standards für eine durchgehende Datenverarbeitung im Wertpapiergeschäft, 2016

  • Status: Completed: Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 and Decision Model and Notation (comparison, modeling and implementation)
  • Open topics: Thesis papers for research and e-Learning project: Gambler-Gamification im Blended Learning


Erhan Turan, Business Information Systems, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

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Company Visit Software AG 2016

@ Software AG/ Headquarter Darmstadt DECEMBER 07, 2016 D2B Lab

Company Visit SAP 2016

German Bank Technology meets University of Applied Sciences 2016

IT Workshop: Women in IT – German Bank Technology meets University of Applied Sciences

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