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Skript_Betriebl.FW 2.T_akt.pdf

Skript_Betriebl.FW 3.T_akt.pdf

Skript Betriebl.FW 4.Teil akt.pdf.


Skript Betriebl.FW 1.T akt.pdf

Skript SFL Steuerlehre 1 T

Simplified capitalized earnings method

Case study Valora AG Verschuldung Aktienrückkauf Leverage

Case study UW Savona AG

Short summary of Holding legal forms

The work materials "Skripte Betriebl. FW 1-4" refer to  the International Finance course; the scripts "SFL Taxation" are intended for the STL course.

The Taxation course uses elements from the scripts listed above: Betriebl. FW 1- 4 and contains separate scripts SFL Taxation 1 and 2. Other documentation                                                                                                                        and materials can generally be used.   Note on interest tables: See above, additional documentation

Note: Please check the homepage regularly during the lecture period for new script portions or information. Thank you.


Lectures WS 2019/ 20  Financing: programs: International Finance and Taxation (only in SS).


Students of the previous semesters: You may view examinations for the results of the previous semester upon appointment   (via email) in the first 6 weeks of the lecture period of the following semester.

Course Financing, International Finance :  The password for the script is available via email upon submission of name, Mat.-No., and program.

Course Financing Taxation: The relevant parts of the existing script and supplements for this course  to be announced

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