Scholarships and other support programs


When choosing a place to study abroad, the costs play a decisive role. Abroad, most colleges require significant tuition. However, through the exchange programs with partner universities, enrolled Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences students are mostly exempted. In addition, travel costs and, in some cases, higher living costs are incurred abroad. For overseas stays, visa fees and extra health insurance costs must also be budgeted.

During your studies abroad, you will not have the time or opportunity to earn money. Therefore, you calculate the costs realistically and over the full period of the planned stay abroad.

You can finance your study abroad from your own resources or apply for financial support under certain conditions:

Scholarships granted by Frankfurt UAS

For worldwide study visits (outside the ERASMUS participating countries) partial scholarships can be awarded to Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences students from the PROMOS program funded by the DAAD. Information and documents for the PROMOS application can be found here.

Experience reports of interns with PROMOS funding can be found here.

If you do your semester abroad at a Partner University in Europe you automatically get an ERASMUS+ scholarship. The monthly rates are fixed and change from country to country in correlation with the cost of living in the respective countries.

If you stay for one semester, you will get 135 days financed, if you stay for two months 270 days.

Monthly rates for  2020/21:

Group 1: max. 2025 EUR/Semester (4,5 x 450 EUR) 
Group 2: max. 1755 EUR/Semester (4,5 x 390 EUR)
Group 3: max. 1485 EUR/Semester (4,5 x 330 EUR)

Group 1
Denmark, Finland, (Great Britain), Ireland, Island, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden
Group 2
Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus
Group 3
Bulgaria Estlonia, Croatia, Letvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Rumania, Slowenia, Slowakia
Czech Republikc,Turkey, Hungary

Other scholarships

A good chance to finance your exchange semester is the HAW International Scholarship. It is aimed at helping students at universities of applied sciences to do a semester at a university abroad.  here you may find more information about who can apply, how to apply and how much you may get.



The Fulbright Commission awards annual and travel scholarships to deepen and complement the study program at an American university and to meet the US.

Get an overview of the promotions offered and the corresponding application requirements and deadlines on the website.

The DAAD provides comprehensive information on studying abroad (in German).

In the DAAD Scholarship Database you can search specifically for scholarships for your profile (field of study, destination country, status).

Regardless of whether you receive domestic BAföG, you can apply for the (abroad-) Auslands-BAföG. Due to the higher costs of a stay abroad, persons who do not receive a domestic BAföG can also be eligible. Depending on the destination country, the responsible zentrale Ämter (central offices)  for applying might differ.

To support students, a short-term, low-interest loan for educational purposes is offered as part of the Bildungskredit (Education loan) programs.


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