One semester abroad in Europe?

Are you interested in studying abroad in Europe? You will find all the information you need for a successful semester abroad here on this page. We will inform you about the Erasmus+ scheme, our 140 partner universities in Europe, the application steps, deadlines and much more.


Application Deadlines for your Study Abroad

The next application deadline for a semester abroad in the winter term 24/25 and summer term 2025 is:

January 15th 2024 (all departments)

Please note, that the deadline for a semester abroad in the summer term 2024 has already passed. No late applications accepted. 

Application Information

We are looking forward to receiving your application for an Erasmus+ semester abroad. Please register in our application Portal Mobility Online by the deadline.

January 15th of each year for the following winter semester and/or summer semester of the following year.

June 30th of each year for the summer semester for the following year.

These deadlines apply to all departments at Frankfurt UAS.

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A guide for your application to Mobility Online can be found here and a checklist oft he application documents to print can be found here.

For the application we need from you:

  • 1 passport photo
  • Copy of identity card (front and back) in a PDF file
  • Copy of health insurance card (front and back) in a PDF file
  • Certificate of enrollment (printed out at HIS)
  • CV
  • Letter of motivation (Guidance of LoM)
  • Trancript of Records of the Frankfurt UAS (printed out at HIS)
    If you are still in your first semester, upload you registration for the exams here.
  • Language certificate in the language of instruction at the partner university. Contact person is the language center
  • Course list
  • Erasmus application form
    You can download the form directly from the application portal
    You sign the form yourself!

Please note that the server may be very busyon the day beforeand on the day of the deadline, as most applicants upload their documents on these days. We therefore recommend that you upload your documents as soon as possible!

What requirements do I need for an exchange with ERASMUS+?

General requirements for studying abroad

  • You are enrolled for a full course of study at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. At least: two successfully completed semester in the Bachelor’s program or the first semester in the Master‘s Program.
  • Good academic performance, i. e. your average grade should not be less than 3
  • Motivation and willingness to perform
  • Adeqate knowledge of the language of instruction in the host country, i. e. a B2 level according to the European Framework of Reference is generally required for successful studies

When the demand for individual exchange places are greater than the respective contractually agreed exchange quota in the respective field of study, the place will be awarded after a perfomance ranking. This selection takes place at the respective departments and is carried out by the international representatives and, individual cases, by the head of the degree programs.

The following criteria are taken into account

  1. The letter of motivation: in the letter of motivation you explain, why you want to go to the chosen university. The letter is one oft he most important selection criteria, which is why we recommend that you take a close look at your partner university and the destination country
  2. Language skills: at least B2 in the language of instruction.
  3. CV: have you volunteered? Are you Buddy? Have you helped with volunteer projects? Have you completed a work and travel? What are your hobbies? Your resume says a lot about you. Create a detailed CV so that we can get an impression of you as a person.
  4. Grades: In rare cases, the grades and semesters are decisive.

Please note that the preparation of your application documents is also included in the ranking and that incomplete documents are not taken into account in the process.

We recommend joining our CampUAS course „Preparation for Study Abroad.“

In our moodle course you will find the following information about stays abroad in Europe and overseas (you can download the complete documents as PDF):

  • Checklists for required application document

  • Guide to the letter of motivation

  • Information meetings for a semester abroad

  • Current dates and events

  • Information on semester times

  • and much more

Name of the Moodle course: „Preparation for Study Abroad“

You do not need a registration key; the room is free for everyone.

Contact Person

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