Application documents

  • To refresh your knowledge of foreign languages, take advantage of the extensive offer of the language center (FSZ). All enrolled FRA-UAS students are free to attend the language courses.
  • Would you like to make contact with international students in advance and improve your intercultural skills? Then sign up for the Buddy Program, where you will help incoming students of our partner universities to get used to Frankfurt for a reasonable amount of time.
  • You can also attend one of our intercultural trainings. There you will talk and reflect on your own value systems and cultural understanding together with international students from all over the world. In addition, you will receive a certificate at the end of the training, which is a plus in your application.
  • The semester periods at the partner universities differ from the lecture periods at the FRA-UAS. Please inquire on the websites of the partner universities and research the exact semester periods ("Academic Calendar").

Application for the winter semester and / or summer semester
Please upload your complete application documents by 15th February on our application website.

Application for remaining places in the summer semester
Please upload your documents by 15th July.

Please notethat in Department 3 (Economics and Law) and Faculty 4 (Social Work and Health) there is an additional internal selection by the program director. Please contact them early and apply within the internal application deadline (15th January for the winter semester and / or summer semester, 15th June for remaining places in the summer semester). After you have been selected for a partner university, please upload your documents to the application website.

ERASMUS + Application for winter semester 19 / 20 and / or summer semester 20
Please register on our application website Mobility-Online (recommended forMozilla Firefox Browser!) and upload the following documents:


  • 1 passport photo
  • Copy identity card (front and back) in a PDF file
  • Copy of health insurance card (front and back) in a PDF file
  • Certificate of enrollment (found in HIS)
  • CV in English
  • Letter of motivation in English (Guidelines letter of motivation)
  • Overview of grades in English at FRA-UAS (found in HIS)
    • If you are still in the first semester, upload your registration for the exams instead.
  • Proof of your language skills in the language of instruction at the partner university
  • Learning Agreement signed by the course director
    • You can download the form directly in Mobility-Online
  • Consent to data processing according to DSGVO / GDPR
    • You can download the form directly in Mobility-Online
  • ERASMUS Application Form
    • You can download the form directly in Mobility-Online

You will find the application website Mobility-Online here.

A guide for your application in Mobility Online can be found here. (currently only in German, contact the IO if you need additional help)

  • The language center offers a variety of language courses for language preparation. 
  • A good preparation for the semester abroad is participation in the Buddy-Program.

Application deadline for the summer semester

Please upload your complete application documents for Africa, Asia / Oceania, South and Central America to our application website until 15th September.

Application deadline for the winter semester

Please upload your complete application documents for Africa, Asia / Oceania, South and Central America to our application website by 15th January.

For Australia, the USA and Canada the application deadline is only once a year

The deadline for Australia for summer semester 2019 and winter semester 2019/20 is 01st June 2018.

The deadline for the US and Canada for winter semester 2019/20 and summer semester 2020 is 15th November, 2018.

Incomplete applications can unfortunately not be considered in the further procedure.

Please register online through Mobility-Online and upload the following documents (Application Guide):

  • Passport photo
  • Valid enrollment certificate
  • Academic Transcript of Records (current note printout with average grades from HIS in English)
  • CV / CV (in English)
  • Questions about motivation: Please answer the questions directly in Mobility Online in English. Tip: Pre-write the answers in Word and paste the text into Mobility-Online.
    • Why do you want to study abroad and what do you want to gain from it? - Please describe your motivation for a semester abroad and the professional and personal goals that you want to achieve with it.
    • What do you think is the main challenge while studying abroad? - Explain a possible challenge that you might expect during the semester abroad and describe how you will handle it.
    • Why did you choose particular higher education? - Please describe why you have selected one or these specific universities. What is special about the university/universities and why do you want to study there?
  • Language certificate (You will find information on the DAAD language certificate on the website of the language center, for the USA and Canada a valid TOEFL test with at least 86 points or IELTS test with at least 6.5 is required)
  • Academic Letter of Recommendation
    • Important: The letter of recommendation may only be issued by professors or lecturers with professional competence in your area of ​​study. A letter of recommendation by a language teacher will not be accepted.
  • Copy of your passport
  • Course List
    • You will find a template to print out in Mobility-Online. Please enter the courses you would like to attend at the selected universities. After you have received a confirmation from us for a partner university, create the Learning Agreement in consultation with your course director or the foreign commissioner.)
  • Consent to the data processing according to DSGVO / GDPR
    • You can download the form directly in Mobility-Online
  • Finally, you will find an application form for printing and signing in Mobility-Online. Please upload a scan of the signed form to Mobility-Online.

Please check continuously the status of your application in Mobility-Online (this is only possible after registration).

The selection process will be carried out according to the number of places available at the partner university. This is process especially competitive for the US and Australia. For this we will inform you after submission of the applications.

  • After completion of the selection process you will receive the provisional conformation for a partner university from us.
  • Please create a learning agreement and discuss this with the program director or the foreign commissioner.
  • We will officially nominate you at the partner university. You will then receive the application form from your host university by e-mail and, if necessary, further documents. Please send these documents to the host university.
  • The host university will examine your documents and the course choice. This may in certain circumstances take several weeks.
  • After successful application at the partner university you will receive a Letter of Acceptance.
  • With this invitation and, if necessary, other country-specific documents (eg a proof of funding for the entire duration of the stay abroad, proof of an existing health insurance abroad), you can apply for the study visa at the embassy in Germany. Not every destination country requires a visa for a one-semester study visit. You will find relevant information on the websites of the partner universities, the embassies and on the pages of the German Federal Foreign Office.
  • It is urgently recommended to take care of a corresponding health insurance abroad and possibly further insurance a decent amount of time before departure.
  • As financial support for semester abroad, you can apply for the PROMOS scholarship of the DAAD.
    • More information can be found here.
  • You can also apply for the Auslands-BAFöG.
  • Information about further financing options can be found here.

Please inform yourself about the different programs:


For further preparation, the Language Center offers a variety of language courses. The following language certificates are required:

A good preparation for the semester abroad is the participation in the Buddy-Program.

Hessen-Wisconsin: November 15th (earliest possible start of study in Wisconsin is the fall term (September to December) of the following year).

Hessen-Massachusetts: November 15th (the earliest start of study in Massachusetts is the fall term (September to December) of the following year).

Hessen-Queensland: June 1st (the earliest start of study in Queensland is Semester 1 (end of February to end of June) of the following year).

Please use the application documents of the respective programs:

Please register additionally on our application website  Mobility-Online within the respective deadlines.

Please submit your application documents in completion and on time. We examine your application documents and invite you to an interview, if necessary. Applicants are expected to have informed themselves about the host country's situation. In particular, knowledge of the history of the destination country as well as its economic, political and cultural situation is expected. There is also the opportunity to present the planned time abroad orally and to add essential comments. Part of the conversation will be conducted in English. This conversation, for which only a limited amount of time is available, should be seen as a supplement to the written application.

With an assessment of personal and professional suitability, nominated applications are forwarded to the Hessian coordination offices. Independent selection commissions then make a final selection. Upon completion of this selection, you will be notified in writing.

After completing the selection process, your application will be forwarded to the host university (nomination).

In the second step, you apply to the host university, the necessary documents will be sent to you after the nomination. The host university will examine your documents and decide on admission to the degree program. A final confirmation will only be given after your application has been accepted by the host university.

As financial support for your semester abroad, you can apply for the PROMOS-Scholarship of the DAAD. Additionally you may apply for Auslands-BAFöG. Information about further financing options can be found here.

We look forward to receiving your application!

If you intend to spend a semester or more at a university abroad, you should be aware of the importance of the motivation letter and the application documents. So that you leave a good first impression, we help you with the final touches.

The International Office, in cooperation with Edmund Voges from the Language Center, offers you the opportunity to design your letter of motivation and your application documents together.



Paul Abbott




Course offer "CVs and Applications"

The first meeting will take place on 11th November at 16:00 in room 2-379 (SAC of the FSZ).

At this appointment, Mr Abbott will give an introduction to application letters and CVs and explain the further procedure.
This is intended as a support offer for anyone who wants to apply for a stay abroad (there are no credit points for it).

The Language Center offers new dates for taking a language test:

Students who need the DAAD language proficiency certificate in English for study or internship abroad and have not attended a language course at the same university within the last two years must take a separate Oxford Placement Test.

Further information and dates can be found here.


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