Institute for Mixed Leadership (IML)

Living diversity. Leading with innovation.

Promoting equality, conveying diversity as a strength, and supporting the change of company culture

The Institute for Mixed Leadership (IML) bundles the already broad range of research of the Frankfurt UAS on the topics of innovative leadership, change of management culture, and diversity as a success factor for businesses, and develops them further based on the needs of the professional world. The goal is to use practical research to help increase the share of women in management positions in companies, enhance their acceptance, develop men’s acceptance of diverse management teams, and recognize the benefits of mixed gender and diverse management teams.

Director of the Institute is the attorney Prof. Dr. Andrea Ruppert. Other members of the directorate are Prof. Dr. Regine Graml, Prof. Dr. Veronika Kneip, and Prof. Dr. Martina Voigt . All four academics have been researchers and teachers for many years at the faculty of Business and Law of the Frankfurt UAS on gender issues in the context of management and leadership; their work includes the use of power, role stereotypes, career-oriented networks, diversity in management, compatibility of career and family, reflection of role models, and gender skills.

In addition to research, the IML will set the focus on equality, equal opportunity, and awareness in the area of mixed leadership in its events and consulting programs. The goal is also to expose and deconstruct the structural barriers and existing stereotypical attributions that affect both men and women.  

The Institute for Mixed Leadership will operate an executive academy called the Academy of Mixed Leadership to shape the change of management culture through continuing education modules for executives and businesses and to raise awareness for the increasingly economic need for diversity. Men and women in particular should be empowered and strengthened to accept and perform management responsibilities. For more information, see the Academy of Mixed Leadership (German only).

The idea arose due to the participation of the City of Frankfurt am Main in the European Equality Charter. With great commitment, the parties involved in the process developed an action plan for equality and gave birth to the idea of founding an Academy of Mixed Leadership to increase the share of women in management positions. The Frankfurt UAS is now implementing this idea with the support of the City of Frankfurt am Main.


Astrid KramerHead of Donor Relations
Building Villa Kleiststr. 8, Room 2nd floor
Prof. Dr.
Barbara Lämmlein
Vice Dean of Academic Affairs Faculty 3
Building 4, Room 204
Prof. Dr.
Christian Rieck
Head of degree course: International Finance
Building 4, Room 503
Maren Schlegler
Geschäftsführerin School of Personal Development and Education
Building BCN, Room 1012
Prof. Dr.
Christiane Siemes
Head of degree course: Business Law (LL.B.)
Building 4, Room 404
Prof. Dr.
Kerstin Wegener
Head of degree course Tourism Management (BA)
Building BCN, Room 227
  • Ursula Auf der Heide
  • Valeria Berghoff-Flüel
  • Anna Bergstermann
  • Mechtild M. Jansen
  • Gudrun Müller
  • Britta Niemeyer
  • Stephanie Robben-Beyer
  • Petra Rossbrey
  • Isabel Schürmann
  • Sarah Sorge
  • Barbara Wagner
  • Caprice Weissenrieder
  • Monika Weitz


Managing Director

Research assistant

Catinca RothWissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin IML
Building HoST, Room 3. OG

Research projects, publications, and lectures at the Frankfurt UAS

Salary and advancement negotiations

  • Gender aspects in contract negotiations (Ruppert, A. / Voigt, M.)
  • Gender-specific negotiation skills and their effect on salary and advancement negotiations – Initial study and follow-up study (Ruppert, A. / Voigt, M.)
  • Negotiation strategies of male and female executives during salary and advancement negotiations (Ruppert, A. / Voigt, M.)

The recruiting process:

  • Candidate experience – gender-specific experiences and their processing in the application process (study of recruiting practices of German businesses from the perspective of applicants. (Ruppert,  A. / Voigt, M. / Ferber, I.)
  • The influence of gender and ethnicity in applicant selection (Rieck, C. / Weissenrieder, C. et al.)
  • Analysis of Post-Employment Relations (Graml, R.)

Career development

  • Acceptance of executives – analysis of perceived behaviors of women and men in management positions (Weissenrieder, C. / Graml R. / Ziegler, Y.)
  • Career perspectives  of working mothers - 1st Frankfurt Career Study (Ziegler, Y. / Graml, R. / Weissenrieder, C.) 
  • Gender Diversity Culture Check - Study of influencing factors of the organizational culture on the number and acceptance of women in leadership positions in the aviation industry in Germany (Ziegler, Y. / Graml, R. / Weissenrieder, C.)
  • Is the glass ceiling still there? Explorative study of business-internal standards, values, and processes on the career chances of women (Weissenrieder, C. / Graml, R. / Hagen, T. / Ziegler, Y.)
  • Exploratory study of company culture on the career chances of women  (Weissenrieder, C. / Graml, R. / Hagen, T. / Ziegler, Y.)
  • Career possibilities for women in businesses in Japan and Japanese career women (Ziegler, Y.)
  • Media depiction of women in business and science (Lämmlein, B. / Weissenrieder, C.)
  • Gender diversity in management teams – A success factor for businesses? (Voigt, M.)
  • Study of alternative career models (Weissenrieder, C. / Graml, R.)
  • What effect does cultural education have on personality development, participation, and good leadership? (Lämmlein, B.)
  • Diversity in the Board of Supervisors – Study on the composition of German Boards of Supervisors (Rieck, C. / Bendig, H. et al.)
  • Negotiation in the time of mixed leadership  (Ruppert, A.)
  • Work and family - Living patterns of executives with children (Graml, R.)
  • Thoughts on the compatibility of family and job (Graml, R.)
  • Children, career, compromise and The illusion of the compatibility of family and career (Ziegler, Y. / Graml, R.)
  • Diversity management in public administration: Effects of institutional context conditions on the experiences of discrimination of LGBTIQ* individuals (Küchler-Stahn, N. et al.)
  • The L-Word in Business - Lesbian women at work (Graml, R. / Hagen, T. / Ziegler, Y.)
  • Preliminary study: Lesbian women at work - The L-Word in Business (Graml, R. / Ziegler, Y . / Weissenrieder, C.)
  • How can you integrate gender aspects into teaching? A model module to teach negotiation skills (Ruppert, A. / Voigt, M.)
  • Assertion-oriented, hard or factual, cooperative negotiation - what ideas and expectations to students have? (Ruppert, A. / Voigt, M.)
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