Prof. Dr. Regine Graml, M.A.

Professor for Business Administration, Personnel Management, and Organization

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The declared objective of research work in the area of gender mainstreaming is to raise awareness for the situation of working parents and identify potential improvements for executives in businesses.

Women are underrepresented in management functions in Germany and earn less than their male colleagues. One of the reasons for this is the familiar difficulty in reconciling family and career. However, at the moment there are almost no surveys on the career conditions of working mothers or female executives with children. We want to remedy this with our surveys and thus achieve a change in attitude in order to raise awareness in politics and businesses for this current topic.

About the project: "Preliminary Study - Lesbian Women at Work – The L-Word in Business"

About the project "Preliminary Study on Careers and Living Worlds of Women -  Alternative Career Models in Germany, a Study on Careers and Career Paths"

About the project "Career Perspective of Working Mothers"

About the project "Gender Diversity Culture Check"


Prof. Dr. Regine Graml M.A. Isa a professor in the discipline of "General Business Administration, in particular Personnel Management and Organization" at Faculty 3: Business and Law of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Prof. Graml has more than 10 years of applicable professional experience in business, both in industry and in the consulting and service sector, including as Director of the Skills Center Personnel Asia/Pacific for Siemens and as Head of Personnel Development at Infineon Technologies. She worked abroad for international corporations for several years, including in Singapore, the Philippines, and the US. She completed her studies in Business Administration at the University Augsburg. She obtained her Master of Arts degree in Economics as a DAAD scholarship recipient from Wayne State University in Detroit.

Prof. Dr. Graml obtained her doctorate from the Institute for Personnel and Organizational Research at the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich, where she was also active in research and teaching. In addition to her teaching and research activities, she works as an advisor for young students.


Bachelor programs

1st Semester
BW1 Organization and HRM
Prof. Poor: Job Evaluation and Pay Structure in a Global Company

4th Semester 
Current Developments in Personnel Management I
Current Developments in Personnel Management II
Current Developments in Personnel Management III

6th Semester
Objective-Oriented Employee Management - Handout 
BW6 Objective-oriented Employee Management, Topics WS 2013/2014

IBA Bachelor Cultural Diversity1
Beatrice Thomas, Gendia, presentation

Presentation Prof. Pocztowski: Managing Diversity

Objective-Oriented Employee Management Handout

Objective-Oriented Employee Management Topics

Current Developments in Personnel Management 1
Current Developments in Personnel Management 2
Current Developments in Personnel Management 3
Roles in the HR department
Personnel and organizational management

Master programs

Change Management I
Change Management II
Change Management III

Ethics of Leadership 1
Ethics of Leadership 2

Employee Management and Conflict Management 1
Employee Management and Conflict Management 2
Employee Management and Conflict Management - long version

Schedule for role-playing games

Personal Growth


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