Prof. Dr. Barbara Lämmlein

Professor for General Business Administration, in particular Key Competencies, Data Literacy and Empirical Research Methods

Office hours

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Non-lecture period:

by appointment via email

by appointment via email

Focus in teaching and research

  • General Business Administration, in particular Key Competencies


  • Logofatu, D. & Lämmlein, B. (2016): Work in Progress: Improving Communication Skills of Engineering Studentsby Employing Texts such as Fairy Tales: An InterdisciplinaryApproach. In Global Engineering Education Conference(EDUCON), 2016 IEEE,DOI: 10.1109/EDUCON.2016.7474702
  • Logofatu, D., Lämmlein, B. & Andersson, C. (2017): ProspectiveEngineers and Children’s Literature – An Unusual Approachto Teach Key Competencies. In Global Engineering EducationConference (EDUCON), 2017 IEEE (25.-28.4.2017)

Conference papers:

  • 1. International Conference Europe in Discourse: Identity,Diversity, Borders, Athen/ Griechenland, 23.-25.09.2016
    Panel contribution/ presentation of results Migration and Integration – Are Religious Symbols a Taboo Theme on Campus?
  • 3. International Conference Plagiarism across Europeand Beyond 2017, Brno/ Tschechische Republik, 24.-26.05.2017
    Poster presentation Academic Misconduct in BachelorDegree Programs – An Empirical Insight into Current Students' Ethical Behavior
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