The Innovation Project

As part of his innovation professorship, Prof. Dr. Meyer will research the new technical possibilities of automated jurisdiction ("Robo-Judge"). To this end, he will set up an international competence center at the Frankfurt UAS from 2022. His goal is to controversially illuminate new potentials of disruptive technologies. The following areas are of particular interest:

  • Predictive Justive Tools: self-learning programs that make forecasts for court decisions based on large data sets
  • Smart Courts: digital process management, in which some typical stages of the process no longer have to be carried out in front of the judge
  • Smart Contract Arbitration: automation of contracts in a blockchain and integration of corresponding dispute resolution procedures


In Conversation with Prof. Dr. Olaf Meyer

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Prof. Dr.
Olaf Meyer
Professor of Civil Law, in particular Law of Contracts and Contract Design
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