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Otherwise, you are welcome to contact us by email.

Take a look at our application database Mobility Online to find suitable universities for your degree program. You will then have to research the courses offered by the partner university on their website: Does the offer there appeal to you? Do the semester times suit yours? Can you afford the desired country and the city? How about living space there?

Finding the right host partner university is a very subjective matter and there is no magic formula. It depends on your preferences and wishes, here you come to Mobility Online.



The deadlines for a semester abroad are the same every year:
Autumn Semester: Deadline 15.01.
Sumer Semester: Deadline 15.01. or 30.06.

The application takes place two semesters in advance. You can talk to your international representative in advance about what semester is best to have a semester abroad. You can find a list of the international representatives  here.

No, a double application is not possible, but you can apply one semester at a time within Europe and then overseas.

Erasmus+ as an educational program supports your project financially with a partial scholarship and the tuition fees at the partner university are eliminated.

In principle, this is possible, but you must apply here independently at your desired university. In addition, unfortunately, you cannot get the Erasmus+ program’s funding and must pay the tuition fees yourself.

If you are interested, please contact the International Office of the desired university and ask for the application procedure for Freemover.

We recommend the help of agencies such as IEC, Asia Exchange, College Contact, GoStralia etc.

You are responsible for your accommodation during the semester abroad. You can search in advance on the websites of the partner universities to find out whether the International Office offers housing. Unfortunately, the housing situation in Europe is quite tense, which is why most partner universities cannot offer housing.

It may happen that you are not assigned any of your wishes, especially if you have chosen very popular partner universities. You will then have the opportunity to choose from our remaining seats, you will not go out empty-handed.

You must research the courses offered on the websites of the partner universities. Do this to the best of your knowledge and belief and orientate yourself on the current course offer. Then save the information and contact your international representative to discuss the courses. Your department will help you with the recognition of the courses.

You must complete at least 12 ECTS during your semester abroad in order for it to be funded with Erasmus+. Ideally, they should be recognized.

If you are studying Social Work: transnational or International Finance, you must necessarily achieve 30 ECTS abroad to be able to complete your studies.

Yes! Please remember that you must pass at least 12 ECTS at the host university.

No. The International Office does not accept graduation from high school certificates as proof of language proficiency. Your application documents will be considered incomplete if you submit them. Please complete the DAAD language test at the language centre.

If you are a native speaker, please come to the International Office in person to discuss your case. It depends on the partner university what kind of certificate must be submitted.

Here you can find short-term offers in Europe.

Please note that the International Office does not award scholarships for short-term offers.

The Learning Agreement is an agreement between you, your department and the partner university, and is created digitally in Mobility Online after your nomination at the partner university. However, it is recommended to discuss the choice of course in advance with your international representative (see Contact Persons Department).

By applying for a semester abroad via the Mobility Online Portal, you have automatically applied for the Erasmus+ funding program and the funding is usually always approved.

Inclusion is an important part of the funding programme. If the following category(s) applies to you, you can apply for a supplement of 250 euros per month. The application is made via Mobility Online after you have already been nominated at the partner university. You can apply for the special support if you are a first generation student or if you are employed in addition to your studies. You are also eligible for special support if you suffer from a chronic illness, have a degree of disability from 20, or want to take your child abroad. You can find more detailed information on special funding here.


As part of your application, you must fill out a questionnaire in Mobility Online and the International Office will send you a deadline. The details of the special funding must be provided before the grant agreement is drawn up. Applications that are not submitted on time cannot be considered.

The current funding amounts and information on the duration of funding can be found here.

The scholarship is paid out in two parts and you will receive 70% of the total scholarship at the beginning of the semester abroad. The second instalment, the remaining 30%, will be paid to you after your return and successful submission of your final documents.

The semester abroad is billed on a daily basis and we support a stay of up to 120 days. If your stay is less than expected, your second rate will also be slightly lower than expected.

Definitely. If you do not re-register at the Frankfurt UAS on time, you will be exmatriculated. The prerequisite for the Erasmus+ semester abroad is enrollment at our university. This also means that you must continue to be insured here.

Please contact AStA for the RMV ticket refund, here you will find all relevant information.

We will be happy to provide you with the required semester abroad certificate. Please send us the exact semester times of the partner university.

You must apply for the recognition at your department. Please follow the instructions of your department and contact the contact person of your department if you have any questions (see list of contact persons).

It is possible to withdraw your application, but you will be treated as subordinate if you reapply.

We generally advise against applying for a leave of absence semester, as you will not be able to get credit for your studies abroad during the leave semester. You must also pay the full semester fee during a leave of absence holiday semester.

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