Dual Bachelor's degree programs at the School of Business and Law

The main prize for students who want even more practice than practice
Application and deepening of technical knowledge. Getting to know the processes and structures of companies. Optimal preparation for later professional activity. Taking ownership of tasks and projects. Sharpening own interests in specific areas of work. Targeted preparation for mastering tasks and challenges in the various business sectors Around 90% of the dual students at Frankfurt UAS are contracted by companies directly after graduation. Early and broad networking in the appropriate corporate industry. Rapid advancement opportunities due to the already intensive and practical activities throughout the study phase. Training allowance for the entire duration of the study (by the cooperating company).


Output: valuable and highly qualified junior employees
A dual bachelor's degree program at the Department of Business and Law at Frankfurt UAS combines the teaching of theoretical knowledge and skills at the university with the application and deepening of these skills during practical phases in the cooperating companies. The significance of the dual profile lies precisely in this connection, which enables students to link their studies with their professional qualification and thus provide efficiency-increasing impulses for both.

As a cooperation partner for a dual degree program, companies work closely with us over the course of a three-year bachelor's degree program as part of the dovetailing of theory and practice. After each semester, which corresponds to a 13-week theory phase at Frankfurt AUS, students complete a 13-week practical phase at the cooperation partner, which ends with a practical or project report including a presentation and is accompanied and evaluated by the institution/company.

Around 90% of the dual students at Frankfurt UAS are contracted by companies directly after graduation.


A "win" for every company
Early recruitment of highly qualified employees with academic and industry-specific expertise. This eliminates the need for longer training periods, cost-intensive trainee programs or recruitment phases at the companies. Dual students impress with their willingness to perform, career orientation and a high degree of identification with the company. Dual students take on responsible tasks and projects right from the start. Dual students effectively put theoretical knowledge into practice. Dual students are familiar with the company's work processes. The knowledge of the dual students is tailored to the company. The assignment of theses is reserved for the company (research, knowledge transfer). A new exchange (networking) is created through dual students.

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