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Why does someone prefer to buy one pair of headphones over another? Why does a wind turbine look the way it does? Why does my washing machine last longer than my sister's?

In everyday life, we rarely think about what properties a product must have. Yet the question is highly exciting, because products have to fulfill many criteria at the same time: For example, they should be functionally reliable and user-friendly, attractively designed, but also cost-effective and sustainable.

In our bachelor's degree program in product development and technical design, you will learn to design and further develop technologically oriented products – consumer goods such as household items or motor vehicles, but also capital goods such as technical equipment that itself serves production. You will also acquire the know-how on how to control such development processes. Your study content will include techniques of computer-aided development, construction, industrial design as well as material and manufacturing techniques.

This degree program suits you if ...

  • You want to acquire sound knowledge about the design and visualization of products,
  • you find technical contexts exciting,
  • you are interested in the life cycle of products and want to participate in turning ideas into usable products,
  • you are enthusiastic about design issues
  • and you have a solid knowledge of math and physics.



Product Development and technical Design

Bachelor of Engineering


6 Semester, full-time

ECTS-Credit Points


Program start

Winter semester

Application deadlines

with German credentials: September 30


with international credentials: September 1





Pre-study internship 13 weeks, of which 8 need to have been completed prior to enrollment

This degree course was accredited by the German Accreditation Council until September 30, 2027.

About your studies

All beginnings are difficult? We make it easy for you to get started – with our start-up project for Mechanical Engineering courses! For two weeks at the beginning of your first semester, you work in small teams on creative questions. All groups compete against each other. It's not about perfect technical knowledge, but about ingenuity, affinity for technology and team spirit.

  • The study program is modular and offers you two specializations: Product Design or Simulation. Each of the 29 modules concludes with an examination, which you can repeat twice.
  • During the first three semesters, you will acquire basic knowledge in mathematics, natural sciences and in the relevant engineering and design sciences.
  • Specialized knowledge – such as design strategy analyses, product positioning in the market, methodical product development and design, new materials or knowledge of practical computer simulation – will be taught during the last three semesters. 
  • You will deepen your knowledge about methods of product development, industrial design and product presentation through project work in a team.

German-Spanish Double Degree

In cooperation with the Universidad de Cádiz (UCA) in Spain, we also offer the bachelor’s degree program Product Development and Technical Design as a double degree program. If you choose this study option, you will spend your third academic year entirely in Cádiz, so that you will study for a total of 8 semesters. In addition to the German Bachelor of Engineering, you will earn the Spanish Grado en Ingeniería en Diseño Industrial y Desarrollo del Producto – and a total of 240 credit points, an advantage when choosing a subsequent Master's program. Are you curious? Please contact Prof. Stefan Dominico at 069 1533-3692 or dominico(at) for advice.

Students may face many challenges. We know this, and we won't leave you to deal with them alone! Whether it's support with learning math and physics, writing lab reports, finding an internship, or simply advice – we are there for you with our wide range of support services (German only). We are also happy to advise you directly: Just contact our StudyCompass team.

With your internationally recognized university degree as a "Bachelor of Engineering", you have excellent career prospects. Product developers, technical product designers or even product managers who control production cycles are sought after in many industries – including, for example, aerospace engineering, the renewable energy sector, the automotive industry or medical technology. Because product development is a team challenge, you will likely work closely with colleagues from other disciplines. In smaller companies, product developers often take on a broad range of tasks, while in large companies they tend to work in a more specialized way.

  • In our 4-semester master's program "General Mechanical Engineering" you can choose between five exciting specializations: Product Development or Production, but also Computational Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Biomechanics.
  • The automotive industry is in a state of upheaval. Would you like to help the industry move forward with innovative ideas? We offer the interdisciplinary master's program "Mechatronics and Automotive Engineering" (3 semesters, but also suitable for graduates of a 6-semester bachelor's program).

Admission and enrollment

Students with a German university entrance qualification:

Students with an international university entrance qualification:

  • Application deadline for the winter semester: September 1
  • Application via the platform uni-assist

There are no admission restrictions for this program. Consequently, you do not need to apply, but can enroll directly.

  • Due to the English-language teaching components, English language skills at level B1 are important for studying successfully. Our university provides a wide range of compact and study-accompanying English courses through the Language Center, which enable students to close any individual knowledge gaps on their own.
  • You should also have a good knowledge of maths and physics to ensure that you can keep pace with your studies. In our preliminary courses (German only) before the start of the semester, you can refresh your knowledge.

A preliminary internship of 8 weeks must be completed by the beginning of the 3rd semester. NO such internship is required for enrollment.

If you meet certain requirements, you do not have to complete a preliminary internship. Should you, for example, have obtained your entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences at a technical secondary school specializing in electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, class 11 can be credited as an internship. In addition, all metalworking professions as well as mechanical and automotive engineering professions (completed training) are recognized as a pre-study internship.

Further information can be found in our preliminary internship regulations (German only).


Sabine Heimann-TrosienTeaching unit officer for the mechanical engineering degree programs
Building BCN, Room 624
Kamal BoudouhPrüfungsamt der Maschinenbau-Studiengänge
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 624
Prof. Dr.
Ulrich Wuttke
Head of degree course: Product Development and Technical Design (B. Eng.)
Building BCN, Room 612
Phone : +49 69 1533-2380 Labor
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