Information for prospective students of Architecture (B.A.)

The bachelor's degree course focuses on topics involving design and construction, which are worked on in increasingly complex tasks. The application-oriented education conveys a high level of general and specialized knowledge, as well as communication skills and the ability to work in a team.

Furthermore, the bachelor's degree course Architecture offers sound education in the field of architecture and urban planning, as well as a comprehensive insight into the manifold areas of activities of planning and building. Applied practically-oriented planning and project work are the focus of this degree course. Independent actions, mental mobility and the readiness for and ability to find and develop solutions together are promoted.

Programme schedule

First year: orientation

Inductions into design, compositions and constructions through lectures, exercises and design projects.

Second year: training

This covers all stages of design and is taught through constructive project work. Contextualization from ideas and materials to construction management logistics, sketches, improvisations, refinement of presentation skills and broader historical and building studies contexts.

Third year: practical application

Design projects, individual theme selection for degree qualification, required electives, general studies and thesis.

Apply now!

For prospective students with German degrees, the application is possible until July 31, 2021.

Prospective students with foreign degrees please contact the International Office.


Program Architecture
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Terms 6 terms, full-time
ECTS credit points 180
Program starts Summer and winter semester
Application deadlines Summer semester: January 15
Winter semester: July 15
Language German

Acquin e.V. till Sept., 30, 2024

Course catalogue

Modularization during the studies is a study structure, in which courses such as lectures, exercises, practical internships, excursions, excursions or seminars about certain topics are combined in modules. The structure of a module is determined by the competence, which is to be achieved upon completion of the module.

The module manual entails information on the duration, credits, type of examination, requirements, study results, workload, type of learning, content, literature, and the representative of the module of a degree course. Further information can be found in the guideline on modularization and credit point awarding of the Bund-Länder commission. The module overview and the study content can be downloaded in form of a PDF.

Admission requirements

The deadline for the receipt of the application form ends on January 15, for the summer semester and on July 15, for the winter semester.

You must submit an informal, separate application if you would like your application to be considered for the random selection procedure. The application period begins two weeks prior to start of the lectures of the respective semester and ends on the day of the start of lectures of the respective semester.

Access the academic calendar.

The degree course is admission restricted. The study spot placement takes place via a local NC procedures.

Changes in the admission requirements for the bachelor's degree course Architecture.
A participation in a preliminary interview is mandatory for the application for the summer semester 2018.

An independently organized internship of 13 weeks duration at a building site or in building operations is mandatory for the bachelor's degree course.
The pre-study internship shall maximally consist of three parts.

The proof of the completion of the pre-study internship is to be submitted at the latest at the time of the registration for the 6th semester (module K6 and G6). The original certificate of the internship is to be submitted stating the duration of the internship and the practically completed tasks.

The internship must be completed in the main construction industry or in the ancillary building trade (construction work). An employment in architectural and planning offices are not recognized. Further information can be found here.

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