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Development of embedded, time-sensitive applications and systems in the mobile sector.

By completing the Bachelor's degree course Computer Science - Mobile Applications, you attain a degree, which allows you to combine scientific theories, methods and techniques of computer science, particularly with respect to mobile applications and you will be able to successfully transfer them into professional practice and apply them.

As a graduate you are qualified to work in different areas of activity such as in the economy, technology and administration and you are qualified to complete continuing scientific tasks. Furthermore, you are able to analyze, explain, develop and present solution ideas in the frame of questions of computer science methodical and basic research-oriented.

Course of studies

During the six semester-long degree course you acquire the necessary basic expert knowledge in Computer Science-Mobile Applications so that the lectures during the third and fourth semester are held entirely in English. The degree course offers you an in-depth and practice-oriented training in programming and software engineering with focus on mobile systems, operating systems and networks. Basic subjects among others are algebra and analysis. The application takes place in projects in the practical phase and the Bachelor thesis. After the successful completion of the thesis with colloquium you attain your academic degree 'Bachelor of Science'.


Degree course

Computer Science – Mobile Applications

Bachelor of Sciences


6 semesters, full-time

ECTS-credit points


Degree course start

winter semester

Application deadlines

with German credentials: September 30


with international credentials: September 1


German, English (excellent German language skills are mandatory)

This degree course was accredited by ASIIN e. V. till September 30, 2024.

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We introduce the degree program

Course catalogue

Modularization during studies means a structure of the courses in which the courses such as lectures, exercises, practical experiences, excursions or seminars are combined to topical units, the so-called modules. The composition of a module is determined by the competency, which shall be achieved by completing the module.

The module handbook contains information about duration, credits, type of examinations, requirements, learning results, workload, type of learning, content, literature, module coordinators of the modules of a degree course. Further information can be found in the guideline on modularization and credit point awarding of the federal commission. The module overview and the study content can be downloaded in form of a PDF.

Core electives

You can find the compulsory elective modules for your degree program on our learning platform CampUAS. There you can find out about the modules and enrol directly in the relevant courses.

Admission requirements

The degree course is not admission restricted.

Good English language skills are required!

Please note the respective information regarding the open admission degree courses.

Part-time studies

Students, whose course of study has deviated from the regular course of full-time studies – for whatever reason – can seek personal counseling from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Goal of the counseling is, while considering personal conditions of an individual course of study, to graduate in an appropriate period of time. In order to reach this goal, we will develop a course plan together with you.

It is also checked whether there are reasons for a formal application of part-time studies. Additional information about the requirements and study organization of part-time studies can be found on the pages of the Admissions office.

The consultation is offered by the degree course counselors or the degree counselor of your degree course. Please schedule an appointment via email.


With the completion of the Bachelor degree course in Computer Science - Mobile Applications you will attain a degree that enables you to combine and successfully implement scientific theories, methods and techniques regarding computer science, particularly with respect to mobile applications. As a graduate you are qualified to work in various areas in the economy, technology and administration and complete further scientific studies to attain a Master's degree.

Next to your professional competencies you have the ability and you are ready for the communication and collaboration in national and international teams, and you are able to work with professional colleagues and users of information technological systems and you can discuss, represent and present the content and problems of computer science with professionals and laymen in the German and English language. You are familiar with presentations while using modern presentation technologies and the writing of scientific reports and statements.

You are able to recognize and consider the legality and the underlying principles of computer science and you have developed an understanding of how the consequences of your work impact society. You are familiar with the ethical principles of your work.

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Prof. Dr.
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Head of examination board
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