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We know who can help shape the future of our country: You.

If you study with us today, you can change the world tomorrow. Because with the dual program in Public Administration, you will actively shape the challenges in our country! In exciting theoretical and practical phases, you will experience why a mix of initiative, motivation, legal, business and economic know-how is a job guarantee for life. With us, it's all about Futur­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­e from Monday to Friday.

Why us - why here?

Small groups, direct contact with the lecturers, practical reference to the cooperating municipalities/institutions, cosmopolitan atmosphere on campus - and last but not least: a professional and personal education as a return for life.

The most important in brief

Study program

Public Administration


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Standard period of study

6 semesters, Dual Program

Form of study

Full-time, alternating theory and practical phases

ECTS points


Lecture language


Admission requirements



ZEvA until 30.09.2027

Start of study

Every year for the winter semester*

Application deadline for the summer semester

Application deadline for the winter semester

30.09. at Frankfurt UAS – with study contract from one of the cooperating municipalities/institutions**.

**Please note the different application deadlines at the cooperating municipalities/institutions! This application must have been successfully submitted in advance before you can apply with us!

Description of the study program

Municipalities and public administration institutions have long described themselves as "modern service companies" that are entrusted with a wide range of tasks and where the focus is on the well-being and care of the country's citizens. The spectrum of customer concerns is broad, ranging from identity documents, the desire to get married, and the registration of meetings/demonstrations to registration of all kinds. These examples are only the so-called "day-to-day business", considering the other challenges that have to be shaped and mastered in public administration: Digitization, pandemic, refugee crisis, supply crisis - and other upcoming topics for which tackling people with social and ethical responsibility are needed. What can you expect? Upon completion of this degree, you will have mastered the individual legal areas of administrative and civil law in the context of public administration. The scope of the legal content of the program is at least 50%. In addition, you will have comprehensive knowledge in the fields of business administration and economics as well as in the social field. Here, the responsible application of technical and methodological knowledge in administrative action and interdisciplinary skills are in the foreground. Through application-oriented project work, you have learned to work on relevant issues, also in cooperation with others, as well as to effectively communicate and well-foundedly represent proposed solutions in front of experts and non-experts. You will be able to reflect on and assume your own role and apply the skills you have acquired in a well-founded and self-responsible manner in your field of activity.

Career prospects

This degree program is aimed at students who aspire to a professional career in public administrations of the federal, state and local governments, parastatal institutions and public enterprises and who have a keen interest in legal, economic/business and social challenges in municipalities/institutions. The dual program qualifies you for a master's degree program as well as for the career qualification for the higher service in general administration.

Study structure

The dual program is designed for six semesters. The theoretical and practical phases take place alternately (usually every 12 weeks) at Frankfurt UAS and at the cooperating institution/municipality. You will benefit from the practical experience gained during the practical study phases and the opportunity to establish far-reaching contacts in the municipalities and beyond. You will also receive a training allowance from the cooperation partner for the entire duration of your studies!

The dual Bachelor's program in Public Administration (B.A.) combines the transfer of theoretical knowledge and skills at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences with the application and consolidation within the framework of practice-related study periods in the municipalities and institutions of public administration. The significance of the dual profile lies in the combination of university studies and professional practice, which enables you to integrate your university studies with your professional qualification. The integration aims to give efficiency-enhancing impulses to both your studies and your professional activity. The practice-oriented study sections give you the opportunity to test, observe and discuss the acquired knowledge, skills and methods in your operational activities and, beyond that, in higher-level decision-making situations. Experience from professional practice is ensured through case study work and applied project work in the practical modules, among others.

1st semester

  • Fundamentals of economics
  • Introduction to the law
  • External accounting
  • Service law I
  • Municipal law I
  • Social Sciences

2nd semester

  • Economics
  • Private Law I
  • Internal accounting and investment appraisal
  • Service law II
  • General Administrative Law I
  • Practical Module I - General Administration

3rd semester

  • Public Finance I
  • Personnel and organization
  • General Administrative Law II
  • Municipal law II
  • Practical Module II - Personnel Management

4th semester

  • International framework conditions
  • Interdisciplinary General Studies*
  • Management of public administrations I
  • Financial management I
  • Regulatory law
  • Practical Module III - Financial Management

5th semester

  • Public Finances II
  • Private Law II
  • Management of public administrations II
  • Social security
  • Practical module IV - Administration of order and intervention 

6th semester

  • Bachelor thesis with colloquium
  • Specialization Personnel and Organization
  • Financial Management II
  • Practical Module V - Performance Management 

Additional modules/special courses

  • The program includes other electives, the additional modules "Quantitative Methods", "Business Informatics" and "Instructor Qualification".

*As part of the Interdisciplinary Studium Generale, which serves to promote interdisciplinary thinking and cooperative action, you will come into contact with topics such as social media or quality management in collaboration with students from other departments.

  • The dual program in Public Administration (B.A.) comprises 180 credit points (ECTS) and has been accredited by ZEvA.
  • Upon successful completion of your studies, we will award you the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

In addition to many good reasons for a stay abroad, there are also many ways to fulfill this dream. We support you from the initial idea through the application process to the actual planning.

A semester abroad is not an integral part of the dual degree program in Public Administration at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS), but it is certainly possible with a little self-organization. The partner universities of Frankfurt UAS are located all over the world and make it possible to go abroad.

Other documents such as class schedules, applications, etc. can be found at: My studies.


Think ahead and then study in the master's degree program!



Contact concerning application and enrollment

Head of degree course

Prof. Dr.
Adelheid Zeis
Head of degree course: Public Administration (B. A.)/ Public and Non-Profit Management (B. A.)
Building 4, Room 520

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