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Information for prospective students of Mechanical Engineering Online (B.Eng.)

The only online mechanical engineering degree course at a German state institution of higher education

The degree course Mechanical Engineering Online (B. Eng.) is developed for professionals and prospective students with relevant work experience and is offered as an online degree course.
The degree course Mechanical Engineering (B. Eng.), which is not an online course can be found here.

You will attain and further enhance your knowledge in the basics of general engineering in the Bachelor degree course Mechanical Engineering Online (M-Online) and in the areas of product development and industrial production. Another focus is on modern methods and tools which are applied in the industry, e.g. computer-assisted construction and manufacture (CAD, NC) or adaptive production procedures.

Goal of the degree course is to equip its students with broad technical and methodological competencies in the field of mechanical engineering and along with interdisciplinary competencies in the sense of a professional qualification. A well-founded engineer training is offered as an undergraduate mechanical engineering training with the curriculum.

At the same time interdisciplinary competence fields are evoked: followed by a connection of the learning content of engineering science with business administration, electrical engineering, computer science, social competence (interdisciplinary Studium Generale), as well as knowledge of technical English in the relevant fields.

Practical relevance is taught through an intensive application-orientation of theoretically taught content. Our institution of higher education offers lab work, practical computer training and construction exercises. The practical phase and the bachelor's thesis is usually completed in collaboration with an industrial company. This way insight into the current research state and the foundation of scientific work is provided. Close contacts with the industry ensure the practical relevance and topicality of the degree course at all times.

The conveyed competencies will allow the students to detect problems, analyze independent technical engineering tasks and successfully implement these solutions into marketable products. Present technologies are to be appropriately deployed in order to maximize company success. 


Degree course

Mechanical Engineering Online
Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)


7 terms, full-time

ECTS-Credit Points


Program start

Winter semester

Application deadlines

with German credentials: September 30


with international credentials: September 1



Admission requirements

Internship 8 weeks, 4 to enrollment

This degree course was accredited by the German Accreditation Council until September 30, 2031.

It was additionally accredited byENAEEEUR-ACE Bachelor.

Course of studies

The degree course Mechanical Engineering Online is offered at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences as an online degree course in the frame of Virtual Institution of Higher Education (Virtuelle Fachhochschule (VFH), that means that the modules and lectures are offered via e-learning, video conferences etc. only roughly 20 percent of the lectures must be attended at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. The phases were the students must be present, are mainly on Fridays and Saturdays. The students may decide in each semester independently what and how many modules they would like to take.

Therefore, this degree course is extremely suitable to be completed alongside of work. The high level of flexibility allows the compatability of family, profession and studying.

Graduates receive after a regular course of studies of seven semesters the academic degree "Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)".

A media fee of €78.00 (€53.00 for BAföG-recipients) is charged for the use of the online offers. The fee must be paid upon registration in the individual modules.

Core electives

You will find the elective module offer of your study program on our learning platform CampUAS. There you can find out about the modules and enroll directly in the corresponding courses.

Admission requirements

The degree course Mechanical Engineering Online is designed for students with prior technical knowledge.

Therefore the following admission requirements apply:

  • Higher education entrance qualification
    (e.g. general or subject-related higher education entrance qualification, master craftsman, technician)
  • Pre-study internship of 8 weeks of which 4 weeks prior to enrollment


  • Higher education entrance qualification in accordance with §1 section 3 the regulation about the access of professionally qualified people to the institutions of higher education in Hesse from December 16, 2015:
    • with a successful intermediate school leaving certificate (Realschule)
    • at least 3 years of a recognized vocational training, which was completed after January 01, 2011.
    • Final grade of 2.5 or better in the vocational training
  • the professional training must have taken place in the technical field
  • at least two years of relevant work experience in the technical field after completion of the training.

More information on studying without a higher education entrance qualification can be found here.

Should you have any questions about the pre-study internship, please contact Prof. Dr. Auermann.

Are you interested in studying the degree course Mechanical Engineering at the Frankfurt UAS?
The degree course coordinator can be contacted for personal counseling and more information Prof. Dr. Markus Auermann. Please take advantage of this opportunity of qualified counseling!


Are you changing institutions of higher education? A counseling with the degree course coordinator Prof. Dr. Markus Auermann prior to the application is obligatory in your case. Please reach out in time.


Sabine Heimann-TrosienTeaching unit officer for the mechanical engineering degree programs
Building BCN, Room 624
Kamal BoudouhPrüfungsamt der Maschinenbau-Studiengänge
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 624
Prof. Dr.
Markus Auermann
Head of degree course Mechanical Engineering Online (B. Eng.)
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 626
Prof. Dr.
Markus Auermann
Head of degree course Mechanical Engineering Online (B. Eng.)
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 626
Cigdem Cevahir-KartalkayaPrüfungsamt der Maschinenbau-Studiengänge
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 610

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