Study Eng. Business Information Systems (B. Sc.)

Discontinued program

This program has been discontinued and is only available to students who are currently enrolled in it.

Study digitalization and networking

Information systems have been playing a central role in economy and administration. With respect to increasing digitalization and networking, the range of tasks of business information scientists has become larger and larger. Employers expect well-founded knowledge about innovative technologies and methods with which mobile and networked application systems are established and information is provided to make business decisions. We offer the bachelor degree course "Engineering Business Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik)" in order to properly prepare you.

In the first few semesters you will be taught methodologic, linguistic and communication-technical key competencies next to technical foundations (particularly in math, computer science, business administration and law). During this time, you will also undergo English language training, which will prepare you for the lectures that will be held in English and for the visit of international partner universities.

Afterwards, you will dedicate yourself to your chosen specialty in business information systems, computer science and business administration. This study phase will be completed with the focus on "business analytics", which will prepare you to provide relevant information from extensive data collections for entrepreneurial decisions.

You can collect international experience during an optional stay abroad at our partner universities.

The following practical semester offers you the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in national and international companies. First contacts are usually made with future employers.

The final business information systems project in association with the bachelor's thesis offers you the chance to work on demanding tasks in accordance with the academic principles of an institution of higher education or in a company.



Engineering Business Information Systems

Bachelor of Science


7 terms, full-time

ECTS-Credit Points


Program start

This program has been discontinued.

Application deadlines

Enrollment is no longer possible.


German, English (excellent German language skills are mandatory)

By ZEvA till September 30, 2021 accredited.

Course catalogue

Modularization during the studies is a study structure, in which courses such as lectures, exercises, practical internships, excursions, excursions or seminars about certain topics are combined in modules. The structure of a module is determined by the competence, which is to be achieved upon completion of the module.
The module manual entails information on the duration, credits, type of examination, requirements, study results, workload, type of learning, content, literature, and the representative of the module of a degree course. Further information can be found in the guideline to modularization and credit point provision of the Federal and State Commission. The module overview and the study content can be downloaded as a PDF. The module overview and the study content can be downloaded in form of a PDF.

Core electives

You can find the compulsory elective modules for your degree program on our learning platform CampUAS. There you can find out about the modules and enrol directly in the relevant courses.

Admission requirements

Admission applications must be submitted July 15, for the winter semester.

The degree course is admission restricted. The study spot placement takes place via a local NC procedures.

Part-time studies

Students, whose course of study has deviated from the regular course of full-time studies – for whatever reason – can seek personal counseling from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Goal of the counseling is, while considering personal conditions of an individual course of study, to graduate in an appropriate period of time. In order to reach this goal, we will develop a course plan together with you.

It is also checked whether there are reasons for a formal application of part-time studies. Additional information about the requirements and study organization of part-time studies can be found on the pages of the Admissions office.

The consultation is offered by the degree course counselors or the degree counselor of your degree course. Please schedule an appointment via email.


With a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) you attain the qualification to take on demanding tasks in the fields of consulting, software development, business process and/or project management. Different fields open up in the free economy or in public institutions this way. You can profit from a direct start into the professional life with attractive entry salaries and development chances on a future-oriented labor market. As an alternative you can also decide in favor of a Master’s degree course which can lead to a PhD.



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