Prof. Dr. Markus Grüne

Professor for Business Administration, in particular Business Information Systems with main focus on e-Commerce and e-Business

Prof. Dr.
Markus Grüne
Head of degree course: Tourism Management (B. A.)
Building 4, Room 403


  • Coordinator for Business Information Systems

Office hours

Lecture period:

Non-lecture period:

Tue, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

by appointment via email

by appointment via email

For online appointments, please log in 5 minutes before the appointment in the following WebConf: WebConf Prof. Dr. Gruene

You can find my lecture periods in the summer semester 2019 here: Lecture periods (German only)

Focus in teaching and research

  • Business Information Systems
  • E-Commerce and E-Business

About the person

  • (2001 - 2006) Academic employee and doctorate Dr. rer. pol. from the Goethe University, Frankfurt on the topic of Modeling Languages for Pricing Models
  • (1995 - 2001) Studies in Business Administration
  • (2006 - now) Employee German Bank AG, Group Technology
  • (2012 – now) Lead IT Project Manager | Lead Functional Specialist, Risk Analytics, and Instruments (RAI) IT  - Projects for regulatory reporting (recovery and resolution planning, Basel-3)
  • (2011 – 2012) Product Manager Credit Risk | Management of software delivery life cycle, multi-project management, and implementation of integration projects
  • (2008 – 2010) IT Project Manager Credit Risk | Development of individual software for balance sheet analysis and financial rating
  • (2006 – 2008) Business and Technical Analyst | Specification and implementation of modeling languages for financial forecasting
  • (2001 - 2006) Academic employee at the professorships for the development of business information systems and for Information Systems Engineering


Society for Computer Science



SS 2018
  • Business Information Systems-1 in the Tourism Management program
  • Information Systems in Logistics in the Master program GLS
  • Data bases in the 2nd
  • semester of the Bachelor program IBIS
  • OLAP and Data Mining in the SIM program
  • WS 2017: Big Data – Data Lakes and Crystal Balls, compulsory elective in the IBIS program
  • WS 2017: Module Data Warehouse (Data Integration / Data Warehouse), in the Master program SIM, English
  • WS 2017: Process Management (e-Learning Prize of the Frankfurt University for the implementation of a blended learning course), IBIS program, together with Erhan Turan
  • SS 2017: e-Business in the IBIS program, 4th semester, English
  • WS 2016: Big Data – Data Lakes and Crystal Balls, compulsory elective in the IBIS program
  • WS 2016: Principles of Business Information Systems in the International Finance program, 1st Semester
  • SS 2016: e-Business in the IBIS program, 4th semester, English
  • SS 2015: e-Business (formerly e-Commerce), English, program IBIS, BSc; lecture + Exercise
  • WS 2014: Development of business processes in the team with agile methods, German, compulsory elective in the IBIS program, BSc
    Sponsor: IBM Academic Initiative
  • SS 2008: Business Information Systems II in the Public Management program, German
  • WS 2007: e-Commerce II in the Business Information Systems program, English, lecture + exercise
  • WS 2006: Business Process Engineering (compulsory elective-I) in the Business Information Systems program, German
  • WS 2004: Data Base Systems, English
  • SS 2003: Computer Science Industry, German
  • WS 2002: Principles of Business Information Systems, German
  • WS 2001, WS 2002: Operational Use of Data Bases, German
  • SS 2002: Business Information Systems II
  • SS 2005: Pricing and Learning on the Internet, German, English
  • SS 2003: Development of business information systems, German
  • SS 2002: Web Engineering, German
  • WS 2001: Quality assurance and metrics, German
  • WS 2001: Practical use of XML data base system Tamino, German
  • SS 2001: Business Pedagogics and Business Information Systems, German


  • Gruene, M.: Teaching Software Engineering in the Cloud: Applying Cloud Computing Services in E-Business Education, 29th Bled eConference, June 19 - 22, 2016, Slovenia
  • Gruene, M.: Modern software development – the case of banking IT – a position paper, 2016.
  • Grüne, M.: Flexible Abrechnungssysteme für digitale Produkte im E-Learning, Dissertation, Universität Frankfurt, VVB Laufersweiler Verlag, 2007.
  • Grüne, M.; Nikolopoulos, A.; Holten, R.: Der Einsatz von E-Learning an einer Massenuniversität. Proc. MKWI 2006, Teilkonferenz: E(lectronic)-Learning - Technologiebasiertes Lehren und Lernen, Springer-Verlag, Passau.
  • Gruene, M.; Lenz, K.; Oberweis, A.: Pricing of Learning Objects in a Workflow-based E-Learning Scenario. Proc. HICSS 2005, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
  • Gruene, M.; Oberweis, A.: Model-Based Pricing of E-Learning. In: Karmakar, N., Isaias,P. (Hrsg.): e-commerce 2005 - IADID Int'l Conf. IADIS Press, Porto, Portugal, S. 127 - 135
  • Gruene, M.; Keferstein, K.; Lenz, K.; Oberweis, A.; von Mevius, M.; Vossen, G.: Individualization of E-Learning Processes by Workflow-Based Learning-Object Management. In: Abramowicz, W. (Hrsg.): Proc. 7th Int'l Conf. on Business Information Systems, Band 1. Akademia Ekonomiczna w Poznaniu, Polen, S. 214 - 226. Ausgezeichnet mit dem Best Paper Award
  • Grüne, M.; Keferstein, K.; Lenz, K.; Oberweis, A.; von Mevius, M.; Vossen, G.: Workflow-gestütztes Lernobjekt-Management. In: Uhr, W., Eisswein, W., Schoop, E. (Hrsg.): Wirtschaftsinformatik 2003 / Band I: Medien - Märkte - Mobilität. Physica-Verlag, Dresden. S. 801 - 818
  • Grüne, M.; Lenz, K.; Oberweis, A.; von Mevius, M.: Performance Indicator-based Goal-oriented Business Process Management. PROMATIS-Newsletter (2003)
  • Grüne, M.; Kneuper, R.: Web Engineering. In Wirtschaftsinformatik 44 (2002). S. 269 - 275

Finding topics

The planned academic paper should be compatible with the content focus of my research / courses.

My focus areas are:

  • Business process management
  • Software development procedure (agile, devops, ...)
  • IT systems in the financial industry

You may feel free to propose your own topic. 

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