Final class trips and graduation celebration of the program

Final class trip to Hamburg 2019

As in previous years, at the beginning of May, the LVM students of the class of 2016 took their final class trip to Hamburg. On Thursday morning, they were off in the direction of the Hansa city, as their first stop at Lufthansa Technik was scheduled at noon. Here, during the tour, the future aviation managers looked at the production steps of an engine and received an exclusive look at the halls where the passenger aircraft for private customers were equipped and painted according to their special wishes.

The students were truly impressed. The next day featured the Hamburg Airport. Unfortunately, Hamburg's famous "Schietwedder" (shyte weather) was also there. However, since the airport tour mostly took place in the bus, the rain did not put too much of a damper on the affair.

A special highlight of this visit was the airport model, which represents the Hamburg Airport on the scale of 1:500. The take-offs and landings at the airport can be simulated on the model, which made them even more impressive with the corresponding light and sound effects. On Saturday, the students went to the Finkenwerder Airport to participate in an exciting factory tour at Airbus, the largest European aircraft manufacturer. The students were able to follow the individual steps that are necessary to build an A320, ranging from the outer fuselage to the finished aircraft.

In addition to the appointments with the different aviation companies, there was, of course, also time to visit the city itself. Since this weekend also was the 830th birthday of the Hamburg harbor, the leisure program offered not only the usual sights like the Hamburger Michel, the Speicherstadt warehouse district, and the Elbe Philharmonic Hall but also the ship parades and the spectacular fireworks display over the AIDAnova, to finish off the weekend and thus the final class trip in perfection.

Report: Rebecca Kimmel
Picture: Manfred Soltau
Picture: Jan Eike Hardegen
Picture: Sandra Reinstorf

Final class trip of the future LVM Bachelor candidates to Hamburg and Berlin on April 26, 2018

The Bachelor thesis is impending and like every year, the final class trip of the 6th semester of the LVM students to Hamburg was on the agenda. Starting on Thursday, April 26, 2018 at the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, we took the train to the north of Germany. After arriving, we took the ferry through the stormy Hamburg harbor to Finkenwerder to the Airbus factory tour. Various halls, like the final assembly of the Airbus A320 and the interior equipment of the Airbus A380, offered exciting insights into a part of the Europe-wide production operations of the aircraft manufacturer. The day finished comfortably over a fish dinner.

On Friday, all program points were located at the Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel airport. We started with an airport tour accompanied by two employees of Environmental Management. The tour was rounded out by a presentation of the model exhibit. The entire airport premises were modeled, including realistic lighting, moving aircraft models, and entertaining commentary to provide an overview of the different buildings and processes. After a long lunch break in the employee cafeteria, we continued to the premises of Lufthansa Technik. Here, we were able to witness the processes of aircraft engine and aircraft maintenance. The official program of the final class trip ended in the late afternoon.

A large part of the group went to Berlin on Saturday. The capital was hosting the International Air Show (ILA) at the Berlin-Schönefeld airport on the following day. Sunday was therefore packed with air show highlights and a few unique static displays under the beautiful sunshine. After an eventful four days full of flying, we returned to Frankfurt on Sunday evening.

Final class trip to Hamburg on May 11-12, 2017

This year again, we, the current 6th semester students in the Aviation Management program, went on our final class trip to Hamburg. After an IC train trip spiced up with birthday cake and board games, we went directly from the hotel to Airbus. We took the ferry to Finkenwerder in order to participate in an interesting guided tour of the factory premises. We were cordially welcomed as "students in the field" and received detailed answers to our questions. Seeing the aircraft that we often see in our everyday professional lives in their raw state was quite impressive. Every day a new Airbus A320 leaves the factory in Hamburg. So there was quite a lot going on in the factory halls. We were even able to answer the question posed by our non-LVM group members ourselves as to why fewer A380 were being built today. The Airbus experience was crowned with a perfect view of the take-off of a Beluga into the blue Hamburg sky.

After spending a few kilometers on foot trying to find the ferry, we returned to downtown Hamburg with Dr. Zimmer to the favorite Italian restaurant of a former fellow student who got lost over the course of the university program and whose hometown we unfortunately visited without him. We rested well during the night so that we could be ready for the following, strenuous, information-packed day at the Hamburg Airport and Lufthansa Technik.  

Having already been on tours at the Munich and Frankfurt Airports, the Hamburg Airport established its unique position with its model and the explanation of its focus on environmental compatibility. This trip to the Hamburg Airport was made special by many details, such as the sheer volume of information, the sumptuous lunch, or the screen saver that was supposed to be an aircraft but looked like a whale. But even more so by the heartfelt welcome we received there, the unmistakable Hamburg dialect, and the friendliness of our guide.

With tired feet but full bellies we continued to Lufthansa Technik. The guided tour there once again surprised us with a wide range of information and the large area to be visited. The numerous halls and trades, from maintenance to equipping private aircraft, illustrated the wide variety of topics in the industry and the activities of Lufthansa Technik. We will all likely remember that aircrafts are equipped with a honey-comb material.

After these two eventful days, we students remained together in Hamburg and explored the city privately and spent time together. This trip sets another milestone for our studies and we became even more aware of how close we were to the end of the program and how nice it was to be able to spend a little more time together.

Report: Larissa Friedrich 
Pictures: Tobias Kadza 

Graduation celebration

We say goodbye to our cohort

On November 19, 2021, we held the graduation ceremony for our cohorts of 2017 and 2018.

On November 23, 2018, we held the graduation ceremony for our class of 2015.

On December 1, 2017, we held the graduation ceremony for our class of 2014.

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