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We welcome our new cooperation partner Deutsche Lufthansa AG

f.l.t.r.: Sandra Reinstorf (study program officer), Prof. Dr. Swen Schneider (former Dean Fb3), Prof. Dr. Kirstin Zimmer (study program director), Malte Happel (Deutsche Lufthansa AG), Ingrid Gerhards (Deutsche Lufthansa AG.


We welcome our new cooperation partner Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Kirstin Zimmer (head of study program), Susanne Epping (Düsseldorf Airport), Sabine Lörks (Düsseldorf Airport), Sandra Reinstorf (study program officer).


We welcome our new freshman students.

We welcome our new students from the class of 2019!

We welcome our new students from the class of 2018!

We welcome our new students from the class of 2017!

Final trip to Hamburg 2022

After a two-year break from excursions due to the Corona pandemic, we were all the more pleased to be able to travel to Hamburg as our final trip in our last semester. The first item on the agenda was a guided tour of the Airbus plant. For this we took the ferry from the port of Hamburg to Finkenwerder. Shortly before we arrived, we had our first highlight: We could see the Airbus Beluga landing on the Airbus site from the ferry! Once we arrived at the plant, the guided tour began with a film about the history and the various aircraft models of Airbus. Afterwards, our guide told us a lot about the different locations and the production chains of the individual aircraft models. Another highlight was the production hall for the A320, where the individual fuselage parts are assembled into a finished aircraft.


We were also able to visit the A330 hangar and the paint shops. After the tour, we took the ferry back to Hamburg to have dinner together with the course. We opted for the traditional "Schifferbörse". Afterwards we ended the evening together in the student district Sternschanze.

The next day started with an apron tour at the Hamburg airport. Here we got some insights about the airport's environmental measures, such as noise and wildlife protection. After lunch in the airport canteen, the Lufthansa station management team gave us a presentation on the individual topics and tasks.

Station management is carried out by the Lufthansa subsidiary Aviation Services Network. The tasks include the further development of the lounges and the coordination of the check-in counters and gates. The interactive presentations were another highlight and a rounding off of the program. This was the end of the official part of the final trip. However, some stayed another night in Hamburg to, among other things, visit the miniature museum, go out to eat in the Portuguese Quarter and have a drink in the bars and clubs on the Reeperbahn.

We look back on very successful days with exciting program points and thank you very much for the possibility and organization of the final trip!

16.05.2022, Pauline Waschkeit

Final trip to Hamburg 2019

As for the previous years, the final trip to Hamburg was just around the corner for the LVM students of the class of 2016 at the beginning of May. They set off for the Hanseatic city early on Thursday morning, as the first visit to Lufthansa Technik was scheduled for midday. During the guided tour, the prospective aviation managers went through the production steps of an engine and were given an exclusive insight into the hangars in which passenger aircraft are fitted out and painted for private customers according to their special wishes.

Impressed by this, we went to Hamburg Airport the next day. Unfortunately, the "Schietwedder" typical for Hamburg made itself felt here. However, since the airport tour took place on the bus, the rain was only half as bad.

A special highlight of this visit was the airport model, which was modeled after Hamburg Airport on a scale of 1:500. This made it possible to simulate takeoffs and landings at the airport, which were made all the more impressive by the corresponding light and sound effects. On Saturday, the students then made their way to Finkenwerder Airport to take part in an exciting factory tour at Europe's largest aircraft manufacturer, Airbus. From the outer shell to the finished aircraft, the students were able to follow the individual steps it takes to manufacture an A320.

In addition to the appointments at the various aviation companies, there was of course enough free time to explore the city. Since the 830th Hamburg Harbor Birthday took place on the same weekend, the leisure program offered not only the usual sights such as the Hamburg Michel, the Speicherstadt and the Elbphilharmonie, but also the ship parades or the spectacular fireworks over the AIDAnova, which brought the weekend and thus the final trip to a perfect end on the last evening.

Report: Rebecca Kimmel
Photo: Manfred Soltau
Photo: Jan Eike Hardegen
Photo: Sandra Reinstorf

Final trip of the prospective LVM bachelor students to Hamburg and Berlin 26.04.2018

The bachelor thesis is just around the corner and as every year, the final trip of the 6th semester of LVM students to Hamburg took place. Started on Thursday, 26.04.2018, at the Frankfurt main station, it went by train to the north of Germany. After arrival, we took the ferry through stormy Hamburg harbor to Finkenwerder for the Airbus plant tour. Various halls, such as the final assembly of the Airbus A320 and the interior of the Airbus A380, offered exciting insights into a part of the Europe-wide production of the aircraft manufacturer. The first day came to a pleasant end with a joint fish dinner.

On Friday, all program points were planned at Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel Airport. We started with a tour of the airport accompanied by two members of the environmental management team. Getting to know the airport was rounded off with a demonstration of the model show. A replica of the entire airport site, including realistic lighting and moving aircraft models, as well as an entertaining commentary, provided an overview of the various buildings and processes on site. After an extended lunch in the staff canteen, the tour continued to the Lufthansa Technik site. Here, for example, the engine and aircraft overhaul departments could be visited. The official program of the final trip ended in the late afternoon.

A large part of the group continued on to Berlin on Saturday. In the capital, the International Aerospace Exhibition (ILA) at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport was on the agenda for the following day. Sunday was filled with highlights of the air show as well as unique static displays in pure sunshine. After an eventful four days of flying, we returned to Frankfurt on Sunday evening.

Final trip to Hamburg 11/12.05.2017

This year again, we, the current 6th semester of the Aviation Management program, started our final trip to Hamburg. After an IC journey filled with birthday cake and parlor games, we set off directly from the hotel in the direction of Airbus. We took the ferry to Finkenwerder to take part in an interesting guided tour of the factory premises. We "students of the subject" were warmly welcomed and we received detailed answers to our questions. It was very impressive to see the aircraft, which we see so often in our daily work, in their raw state. Every day, a new Airbus of the A320 family leaves the shipyard in Hamburg. So there was a lot going on in the hangars. We were even able to answer the question of why the A380 was no longer being built in such large numbers for our non-LVM group members. Our Airbus experience was crowned by the perfect view of a Beluga taking off into the blue Hamburg sky.


After a confused search for the ferry by the Frankfurt students and the necessary kilometer run, we went with Prof. Dr. Zimmer back to the city center to the favorite Italian restaurant of a former fellow student lost on the way to university, whose hometown we unfortunately visited without him. The subsequent short night's rest was used to prepare for the following exhausting day, loaded with information, at Hamburg Airport and Lufthansa Technik.  

After previous excursions to Munich Airport and Frankfurt Airport, Hamburg Airport found its unique selling point in its model show and explanation of the focus on environmental sustainability. It was not only the wealth of information, the sumptuous lunch or the screen cleaner, which is actually supposed to be an airplane but looks like a whale, that made our stay at Hamburg Airport special, it was rather the cordiality, the unmistakable Hamburg dialect and the sympathy that our guide showed us.

With already tired feet and full bellies, we continued to Lufthansa Technik. The guided tour there surprised us once again with a far-reaching wealth of information and large areas to visit. The numerous hangars and trades ranging from maintenance to the completion of private aircraft showed us the diversity of the industry and the activities of Lufthansa Technik. The fact that an aircraft is equipped with honeycomb material is something we will probably not soon forget.

After these two eventful days, we students stayed together in Hamburg and were also able to explore the city privately and spend time together. With this we passed another milestone of our studies and we only became more aware of how close we already are to the end of our studies and how nice it was to be able to spend some more time together.

Report: Larissa Friedrich 
Photos: Tobias Kadza 

Graduation ceremony

We say goodbye to our vintages

On November 19, 2021, we held the graduation ceremony for our class of 2017 and 2018.

On November 23, 2018, we held the graduation ceremony for our class of 2015.

On December 1, 2017, we held the graduation ceremony for our class of 2014.

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