The study program concentrates on the combination of design and construction. Furthermore, „Advanced Architecture“ means designing and constructing on all scales, from urban contexts to the one-to-one detail. Advanced, future-oriented concepts are developed and dealt with in study projects, in office internships, with the FFin, as well as in close collaboration with our cooperation partners from the construction sector.

Graduates will be able to work in particular on the interface between abstract designs and concrete implementations. This means a focus on the planning phase, referred to in the German fee schedule as „execution planning“, with strong feedback on the design process and in close connection with current developments of scientific research in design and construction.

Relevant occupational fields of graduates are in architectural, engineering and construction companies, the construction industry, property development and housing associations, real estate companies, the public sector and research and technological development of design and construction.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang JungID: 1967
last updated on: 07.18.2018