Information for prospective students of Advanced Practice Nursing (M.Sc.)

A master's degree in nursing with the international designation "Advanced Practice Nursing" is offered for the first time in Germany as a relevantly described, independent, consecutive, full-time degree course at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.


Program Advanced Practice Nursing
  Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Terms full-time, 4 terms
Languages German
Program start Winter semester: October 1.
Application deadlines with German credentials:
  September 09.
  with foreign credentials:
  July 15.

The focus is on the qualification in clinical nursing practice and receptive and active research competence, as well as an extension of the traditional roles in nursing care.

Competencies are conveyed that are of relevance for the adequate care in complex cases needing nursing care assistance in interdisciplinary cooperation: Nursing process design and clinical assessment, case management and clinical leadership, care research, ethical assessment and problem management ability, enforcement of legal nursing care benefit entitlements and development of case and system-related nursing care concepts with an international perspective. 

The admission is unlimited. The application form can be found here.

You require:

  • a completed academic degree of at least six semesters or 180 ECTS credits. The degree of a state recognized institution of higher education is to be presented.
  • proof of occupational licensing in a state recognized care profession or in midwifery (health care and nursing care, pediatric health and nursing care, health education, geriatric nursing care, maternity care).

The application deadline is September 15.

Study column 1: Cooperation, coordination, networking (30 ECTS)

The expansion of traditional care practice is about care concepts which go beyond the care dyad patient-cared-for person and take social and environmental contexts and the course of health and care into consideration. This first column offers modules on case and care management (national, international), clinical leadership, on ethical and legal aspects regarding benefits and concepts, tasks and roles of Advanced Practice Nursing.

Study column 2: Clinical practice (50 ECTS)

Highly qualified care assumes the specialization in a certain requirement or certain clients. The students get to know specialized care concepts and develop approaches in Advanced Practice Nursing themselves. Therefore the second study column includes modules on diagnostics and interventions up to comprehensive Advanced Practice Nursing.

Study column 3: Research (20 ECTS)

In order to be able to provide a person or a group with complex care requirements the best possible care, it is necessary to identify the needs of patients in accordance with most recent research and assert them, and evaluate the effectivity and efficiency of the provided care. The third study column therefore includes modules that convey competencies for the critical reception of studies including the independent preparation of studies.

During the fourth semester students will write their master thesis, which will allow them to provide an independent academic contribution to further develop Advanced Practice Nursing!

up to the year 2014/2015, students study in accordance with the former examination regulation:

A new examination regulation is in place as of the winter semester 2016/2017:

Study structure

  • 4 semesters regular period of study (120 ECTS; Overall workload: 3600)
  • Full-time degree course with 15 modules

The courses are mainly held on connected weekdays Thursday / Friday, at times also on Saturdays in a biweekly rhythm usually from 08:30 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. At times there will be individual lectures and a block week, which will be announced at an early point in time. Overall the degree course entails 49 semester periods per week, which corresponds to approximately 870 hours of teaching.

Forms of teaching and learning

The degree courses is application-oriented and offers various forms of teaching and learning: next to seminars, also activity-oriented exercises, case work, group work, study and practice reflections.

The occupational profile for Advanced Practice Nursing includes the following:

  • Diagnostics and assessment of nursing care requirements
  • Requirement-adequate determination of objectives of the service provision in patients in need of assistance and long-term care
  • Development of requirement-related prevention and care concepts on case and system level (case and care management, care paths)
  • Implementation of the research status and implementation of studies with respect to chosen care needs
  • Moderation, coordination and control of complex care processes
  • Development of problem-related quality management concepts in institutions
  • Consultations, training, guidance of nursing staff in adaption qualifications
  • Evaluation of needs-justice and the efficiency of care in cases in need for care


Decisive factors for the entry into an adequate work field is the competence to think in a conceptional manner, to adapt to the needs flexibly with respect to the care need development or the legal frame work conditions of benefits quality-conscious and oversee, coordinate and control the courses of care. Adaptive qualifications in various tasks are therefore the basic principle of the content-related curriculum development, as well as the requirement profile for the M.Sc. Pflege – Advanced Practice Nursing.

Work fields are for example inpatient and non-inpatient institutions of communal, church, or free carriers of authorities and municipalities, health care and nursing care insurances, nursing care aid manufacturers and providers, in care assessment and care quality audits of the medical services (MDK, MDS), home supervisory services or district courts.

Eva Hahnenstein-Jacob Secretary for faculty 4
Building 2, Room 103
Fax : +49 69 1533-2809
Prof. Dr.
Ruth Schwerdt
Head of degree course: Advanced Practice Nursing (M. Sc.)
Building 2, Room 229
Fax : +49 69 1533-2809

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