Information for prospective students of General Computer Science (M.Sc.)

This Master's degree course is aimed at graduates of the bachelor degree courses computer science, business information systems, electrical engineering.  You are prepared to competently, autonomously and independently carry out demanding and innovative functions in projects, in software development and consultation services and in the sales department of companies and the public sector or further qualify yourself in research.

The master's degree course 'General Computer Science' is characterized by high level of flexibility, broadly defined content and practical orientation.  The flexibility mainly results from a large selection of obligatory electives.  And all of that is offered directly within the Rhine/Main metropolis Frankfurt.

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Program General Computer Science
Master of Science
Terms 4 Semester, Full time
ECTS-Credit Points 120
Program start Summer and winter semester
Application deadlines with German credentials: September 15/February 15
  with foreign credentials: July 15/January 15
Languages German, English (both approx. 50% – excellent German language skills are mandatory)

This degree course was accredited by the german-accreditation-council until September 30, 2030.

Course of studies

The degree course entails three study fields from which students choose and customize "their" degree course – depending on their interests – from high-quality, research and application-relevant modules (each 5 ECTS credits). Three large project modules (each 10 ECTS) allow a knowledge enhancement in the three fields of study, which can be combined with the six-months long master's thesis (30 ECTS) to a research project.

The study field 'Software technology' contains the fundaments for the contemporary implementation of distributed business and development processes and IT strategies, whether this is achieved by analyses and conception in research and development projects or the holistic approach in the field of project management. Special focus lies on the challenges of automated learning of (large) data amounts under particular consideration of safety aspects.

In the field of study 'Intelligent systems' graduates attain knowledge in techniques of machine learning, adaptive gain of knowledge and the interaction of humans and machines combined with robotics, image or language processing. This allows graduates to develop current key technologies for intelligent interacting systems, which intuitively cooperate with their users in a natural environment.

The field of study 'Digitization' conveys the information-theoretical methods and the tools for generation (among others with help of sensors) and technical, secure controllability of (large) amounts of data that is generated by the Internet of Things (IoT). It allows additionally to help shape Industry 4.0.

Admission requirements

We accept applications for the summer semester until February 15, and for the winter semester until September 15.

To the academic calendar

The degree course is not admission restricted.

The master's degree course is consecutively structured. You can only be admitted to the master's degree course if a bachelor degree examination in a bachelor's degree course of computer science or an associated field of study (e.g. media informatics, electrical engineering) with a regular period of study of at least 6 semesters or at least 180 ECTS was successfully passed and a grade point average of at least 2.5 was achieved. The examination board decides on the relevance of previous bachelor degree course.

In exceptional cases, applicants with an overall grade lower than 2.5 and better than 2.8 may also be admitted. The examination board decides on their admission on the basis of a letter of motivation and evidence of relevant professional experience of at least two years after the first degree. The professional experience is to be proven e.g. by a qualified job reference and/or a portfolio with work samples.

Part-time studies

Students, whose course of study has deviated from the regular course of full-time studies – for whatever reason – can seek personal counseling from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Goal of the counseling is, while considering personal conditions of an individual course of study, to graduate in an appropriate period of time. In order to reach this goal, we will develop a course plan together with you.

It is also checked whether there are reasons for a formal application of part-time studies. Additional information about the requirements and study organization of part-time studies can be found on the pages of the Admissions office.

The consultation is offered by the degree course counselors or the degree counselor of your degree course. Please schedule an appointment via email.


The velocity of the economic and technical changes in global markets has the companies of today face large challenges that cannot be met with experience and traditional management methods. The skill of implementing market-oriented business processes and IT strategies in a timely manner and provide relevant information from a large amount of data has developed into a central competition factor and requires the knowledge worker, who works project- and (application-oriented) engaged in research.

This characterization applies to many (globalized and internationally acting) companies in the greater area of Frankfurt Rhine/Main. Demanding and at the same time success-critical tasks are to be processed in business process management and in (automated) data collection and analyses. Graduates of this master's degree course have the required skills and competencies.

Dagmar RühlSecretary's office: computer sciences
Building 1, Room 215
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Michael WeilSecretary's office: computer sciences
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Prof. Dr.
Eicke Godehardt
Head of degree course: General Computer Science (M.Sc.)
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Prof. Dr.
Egbert Falkenberg
Head of examination board
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Markus RasterMitarbeiter Prüfungsamt LE Informatik
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