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Discover the leader that’s already inside you.

Those who study with us today can change the world tomorrow. In this degree program, you will learn to take an in-depth look at your personality and explore and develop your own role model as a future leader - around topics such as leadership, management, personal skills, strategy and conception. With us, it's all about Future from Monday to Friday.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Why us – why here?

Small groups, direct contact with the lecturers, practical relevance to companies, cosmopolitan atmosphere on campus, mega opportunities on the job market, exciting practical case projects, internationality and semesters abroad guaranteed - and last but not least: an interdisciplinary professional and personal education as a return on investment for life.

The most important in brief

Study program



Master of Arts (M.A.)

Standard period of study

3 semesters

Form of study


ECTS credits


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Admission requirements



ZEvA until 30.09.2026

Start of study*

Every winter semester*

Application deadline for the summer semester

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*About the semester dates.

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The study program

Leadership is becoming more important than management! Imagine the following situation: You are not only really fit in your job, but brilliant. You set standards, are extremely well organized and your commitment goes far beyond the required performance level. The result: your achievements are recognized. You receive an offer to take on a management position. Good if you are prepared for it! Of course, there are many more reasons to be employed in a management position one day than a promotion: for example, taking over a family business or becoming self-employed. However, there is seldom the opportunity to take an in-depth look at oneself and explicitly at the specifics of the practical work of a manager beforehand, in order to be able to answer the following questions: Do I want this? Can I do it? What are my goals? Where are my limits? With us - and uniquely(!) in this region - you have the chance to deal in depth with topics such as leadership, management, personnel skills, resource management, strategy and conception. You are allowed to explore and successively develop what is right for you, how you want to approach tasks and where you can use your strengths.

Career prospects

The Leadership degree program qualifies you for a wide range of leadership and management tasks. Possible fields of application and work will mainly be found in line functions in companies: e.g. business development, human resources, marketing.  But you can also be employed in the broad field of management consulting: e.g. merger and acquisition projects.

Study structure

The degree program is designed for three semesters. Personal initiative, motivation and commitment are qualities that are almost as indispensable for 'students of the Leadership study program' as they are for a 'position as a leader' itself. Since the achievement of "stage goals" does not take place in all modules through examinations, relevant elaborate personal achievements such as term papers, presentations or project reports are even more important. These also require just as much intensive study as modules that end with an examination!

Important note: Leadership students are well advised to "burn" for their studies and the offered courses, while professional secondary activities are temporarily suspended or put on "low flame".

First semester

  1. Teamentwicklung (Team building)
  2. Empowerment
  3. International Strategic Management
  4. Boundaryless Leadership
  5. Research Methods

Second semester

  1. Anreizsysteme (Incentive Systems)
  2. Leadership and Ethics
  3. Unternehmenssteuerung (Corporate Management)
  4. Zukunftssicherung – Wissensmanagement (Securing the future – knowledge management)
  5. Law for leaders

Third semester

  1. Leadership Trends
  2. Master Thesis with Colloquium
  3. Additional module: Practice Transfer Project

Below are some of the topics that are relevant to this course of study:

  • Leadership skills, team building, integration
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical, process-oriented and conceptual thinking
  • Understanding and evaluating relationships between organizational goals, employee interests and external factors
  • Change and crisis management
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Analysis and assessment of social and business processes
  • Vision, mission, strategy
  • Planning and execution of complex projects

Great content – close to practice!

In today's economy - characterized by a global environment - you need knowledge of methods and techniques, professional skills and a high level of social competence to meet the demanding challenges of a leader. This degree program guarantees you a special standard of quality in conveying theoretical knowledge in lectures and in deepening it through interactive seminars and interdisciplinary group work.
In the courses, knowledge "from practice for practice" is imparted by lecturers in a lively and applicable manner.

  • The Global Logistics program comprises 90/120 credit points (ECTS) and has been accredited by ZEvA (Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency).
  • Upon successful completion of your studies, you will receive the Master of Arts (M.A.) degree.

In addition to many good reasons for a stay abroad, there are also many ways to fulfill this dream. We support you from the initial idea through the application process to the actual planning.

Excerpts of Module Descriptions

Other documents such as class schedules, applications, etc. can be found at: My studies.




Diplom Betriebswirtin (FH), MBA
Gülsüm Keskin
Fb3: Wirtschaft und Recht
Building BCN (City Gate), Room 809

Application and enrollment with national degrees

Application and enrollment with international degrees

Head of degree course

Prof. Dr.
Nicolas Giegler
Head of degree course: Leadership (M.A.)
Building 4, Room 510

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