Admission requirements & deadlines

If there are more applications than university places, the places are allocated via NC-procedures. The final grade is then calculated as follows:

  • 60% grade of bachelor degree (or provisional grade from provisional certificate)
  • 40% result of the student aptitude test

The following admission requirements apply to the master program:

To apply to the program you need a bachelor’s degree in economics or a thematically related degree or an equivalent international degree with a standard study period of six semesters, more specifically:

  • with at least 180 ECTS-Credit Points. Under the condition that (up to) 30 ECTS-Credit Points are acquired in the module “Practice Transfer Project” at Frankfurt UAS before registering for master’s thesis OR
  • with at least 210 ECTS-Credit Points – without further requirements.

Either way, at least 30 ECTS-Credit Points must have been acquired in modules in the fields of logistics and/or foreign trade and/or production and/or supply chain management and/or mobility.

You can look up the number of points necessary for a C1 level in various certificates (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS) on the website of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). Acceptable language certificates are such listed by the CEF. Proof of English language skills may be omitted if you

  • have already acquired 45 ECTS-Credit Points in modules conducted in English during your previous studies (at home or abroad).
  • have graduated a general education school with at least five years of English lessons. This assumes that your final (or average) grades of the last two years of English in a basic course have to be equivalent to a German grade 1 (excellent) or at least 13 grade points. In an advanced course the final grades have to be equivalent to a German grade 2 (good) or at least 11 grade points.

In order to determine if you are a suitable candidate you need to take an online aptitude test. The test provides insight into your academic disposition and determines your professional qualification based on subject-specific questions from the areas corporate logistics, logistics’ information systems, application of project management methods (based on complex supply chain problems). The online test is conducted in English only and takes 60 minutes.

  • Step 1: Register for aptitude test until August 19th 2020 at the latest. 
  • Step 2: Complete the aptitude test until August 20th 2020 at the latest. You can register up to one day before taking the test.

    Besides the online aptitude test you need to submit your application for the university program until August 20th

    Important notice for students with a Non-German Bachelor-Degree

    If you have graduated from a non-German university, you need to submit your application timely via uni-assist in Berlin. As uni-assist sometimes takes up to eight weeks to check all documents, we strongly recommend uploading the documents as soon as possible. Further information and contact persons are available on the website of the International Office.


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