In this case please apply with a provisional certificate including a provisional final grade and the ECTS points obtained for the degree. You can hand in you final certificate at a later point in time given by the Student Service Center. Usually this is not later than the end of October.

Generally yes, however the achievements and acquired competences should be equivalent to the aims of the module of the master’s program Industrial Engineering and Management at Frankfurt UAS. In this case, we kindly advise you to speak to the program director.

Yes. Only few exceptions omit you from proofing your language skills. Please read the following two FAQs for further information.

You can look up the number of points necessary for a B2 level in various certificates (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS) on the website of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF).

The following is valid for a) or b): If you have acquired at least 30 ECTS points in modules conducted in English – at home or abroad – a separate language certificate is not necessary.

You do not need to submit a separate language certificate if you have graduated a general education school with at least five years of English lessons. This assumes that your final (or average) grades of the last two years of English in a course have to be equivalent to a German grade 4 (sufficient) or at least 5 grade points.

Yes. The online aptitude test intends to determine if you are a suitable candidate with professional qualifications that are necessary for successfully completing the program. Further information is available here.


If there are more applications than university places, the places are allocated via NC-procedures. The final grade is then calculated as follows:

  • 60% grade of bachelor degree (or provisional grade from provisional certificate)
  • 40% grade equivalent of the student aptitude test

No, professional or work experience are irrelevant in the application.

Sufficient grades are not predetermined but vary each semester. The so-called selection boundary is calculated afterwards and depends on the number of applicants and their academic achievements.

Please contact the International Office for questions concerning the general application- and admission requirements. In general students with a foreign/non-German degree must apply and upload documents via uni-assist. Note: As uni-assist sometimes takes up to eight weeks to check all documents, we strongly recommend uploading the documents as soon as possible!


No. An institutionalized exchange with universities abroad is currently not intended because of the short duration of the program.

Yes, this is possible. Please contact the International Office for questions concerning the organization and financing of studies abroad and for assistance in choosing a partner university. Before going abroad you shall determine - in cooperation with the International Office - if and how your credits will be transferred.

This study program is considered a full-time program. That means that all lectures and examination dates are planned regardless of any professional occupation. We generally advise against having a (part-time) job besides the master’s program.

For questions regarding the application- and admission procedures please contact the Student Service Center. Students with an international degree please first contact the International Office. For contextual questions regarding the study program please contact the program director.

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