FAQs - the most frequently asked questions and answers to them

When does the winter semester/summer semester start or when do the lectures start?

All information about the start of the semesters can be found under the following link: To the semester dates.

Where can I get information or advice?

The Student Advisory Center (Zentrale Studienberatung) offers comprehensive advice on questions regarding study decisions, study content, and career prospects.

You can find more information on the pages of the Student Services Center.

Questions regarding admission requirements and application procedures can be answered by the International Office.

What is the NC for my desired course of study?

Numerus Clausus means "limited number of students". The NC is not a value set by the university. The NC for a degree program is determined by the number of applications received and the number of places available. In the selection process, rankings are formed according to the average grades and the waiting semesters of the applicants for a degree program.
NC = The grade point average/number of waiting semesters had by the applicant who was awarded the last study place in the relevant degree program.
Since all applications must first be sifted for the calculation of the NC, it can only be announced at a very late stage.

What is a university entrance qualification? Is my university entrance qualification valid in Hesse?

A university entrance qualification is the diploma that entitles you to study at a German university. In principle, the following university entrance qualifications are valid in all German states:

  • General higher education entrance qualification (Allgemeine Hochschulreife)
  • Subject-related higher education entrance qualification (Fachgebundene Hochschulreife)
  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification (Fachhochschulreife)
  • Master craftsman's examination
  • Certificate of successful participation in the university entrance examination for vocationally qualified persons (see ordinance)
  • The certificate of the Fachoberschule
  • The certificate contains an appropriate note, such as "in accordance with the agreement on uniform requirements for the acquisition of the Fachhochschulreife in (vocational) courses of education - resolution of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of .... - this certificate entitles the holder to study at universities of applied sciences in all states of the Federal Republic of Germany".

If you are not sure whether you have a university entrance qualification valid for Hessen, you have the possibility to have your certificate checked by us in advance. To do this, send us your certificate as a pdf file to the following e-mail address: If your certificate consists of a scholastic and a practical part, please be sure to follow the instructions for determining the certificate date.

What do I have to do if I don't have a final certificate yet, but I still want to apply already?

An application is nevertheless possible. Please submit proof of the total amount of ECTS points (credit points) already earned and the preliminary average grade. This can be a detailed performance overview or a certificate from the examination office. The evidence must show:

  • Total amount of credit points already earned.
    At least 80% of the credit points required for the Bachelor's degree must have been earned (§ 34 Hessische Hochschulzulassungsverordnung), e.g. 144/180 CP or 168/210 CP
  • Preliminary overall average grade: With this average grade you will participate in the application procedure.
  • Proof of the total amount of the Bachelor's degree (e.g. 180 CP or 210 CP).
  • If the total amount of credit points earned and/or the preliminary average grade are not evident, participation in the award procedure is not possible.
  • An addition of individual achievements will not be made. The total sum must be explicitly shown.
  • Students of Frankfurt UAS submit only a current printout of the performance overview from the HIS portal as proof

Where can I find the schedule of classes for the degree program?

All important documents such as timetables, applications, etc. can be found under: My studies.

Where can I get information about lectures that have been cancelled?

With the help of the "bulletin board", we provide short-term online information about schedule changes, room changes, relocations, and event cancellations. How to get to the bulletin board after enrollment is described in detail on the Warm-up for our first-year students (link to 7881) under the heading "Starting your studies step by step".

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