How to get in – in a few simple steps

Do you fulfil the following requirements?

To apply to the program you need a bachelor’s degree in economics or a thematically related degree or an equivalent international degree with a standard study period of six semesters, more specifically:

  • with at least 180 ECTS-Credit Points. Under the condition that (up to) 30 ECTS-Credit Points are acquired before registering for master’s thesis at Frankfurt UAS. The appropriate modules are determined by the examination board OR
  • with at least 210 ECTS-Credit Points – without further requirements.

Let’s get started!

Please hand in a formal application including your original certificate or (if you have not finished your studies yet) a provisional certificate that contains a provisional grade and the ECTS points obtained for the degree. You can hand in you final certificate at a later point in time given by the Student Service Center.

Your English language skills are at least level B2?

You can look up the number of points necessary for a B2 level in various certificates (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS) on the website of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). Acceptable language certificates are such listed by the CEF. Proof of English language skills may be omitted if you have already acquired 30 ECTS-Credit Points in modules conducted in English – at home or abroad - during your previous studies.

Let’s get started!

Hand in your proof of English language skills via a respective language certificate as listed by the CEF.

You want to register for the scholastic aptitude test? This is what you should know:

In order to determine if you are a suitable candidate you need to take an online aptitude test. The test provides insight into your academic disposition. It also determines your professional qualifications based on subject-specific questions from the areas of

  • Controlling,
  • Finance,
  • Accounting and
  • Taxes.


  • The online aptitude test is conducted in German and English (mix) and takes 60 minutes.
  • You pass the test with a minimum grade of 4.0 (sufficient).
  • After you finish the test, you will receive a certificate listing the results and your final grade (to one position after the decimal point).
  • Once you have passed the test you cannot take it again. 
  • If you have not passed the test, you can take it again next calendar year at the earliest.
  • The participants state in written form that the online aptitude test was conducted independently and without use of unauthorized materials. This written statement must be submitted with enrollment.

Dates for 60-minute APTITUDE TEST

Registration for test

Taking the test from 8a.m. to 11p.m.

By June 18th for the test…

… on June 19th

By July 11th for the test…

… on July 12th

By July 14th for the test…

… on July 15th  

By August 19h for the test…

… on August 20th 

The online aptitude test is conducted four times per calendar year, exclusively on the given dates.
Note: For questions regarding the aptitude test please contact eignungstest(at)

Let’s get started! Registering for aptitude test:

Online & online: Registration to aptitude test.
We offer you to conduct the aptitude test on university computers on the premises of Frankfurt UAS. In the course of your registration you can decide to choose this option.

Final note:

Please now read the regulations for the online aptitude test on “Take online aptitude test” so you can start comfortably on the day of testing. 

Ready to take the aptitude test? Great!

At this point you should have finished your registration!!!
Now it is important to follow the next steps and regulations:

  1. After you finish your registration for the aptitude test you will receive a link from Frankfurt UAS in order to enroll in Moodle, the university’s online platform. (§8 (11)*)
  2. To enroll in Moodle please use the e-mail address you have entered during your online registration.
  3. On the day of testing the Moodle course is open from 8 am to 11 pm. The applicant can begin the test autonomously (but not later than 10 pm because the test takes 60 minutes).
  4. Please keep in mind that the test takes 60 minutes! After the time is up the test will close automatically.
  5. If you are accepted for the study program you will receive a university form that states that the online aptitude test was conducted independently and without use of unauthorized materials. This form must be submitted completed and signed in the Student Service Center during your enrollment. (§ 8(7)*)
  6. After you finish the online aptitude test you will receive your test results as a certificate via e-mail. (according to § 8 (5)*)
  7. If passed (grade 4.0 or above), the result of the aptitude test is part of the selection procedure that awards university places in this admission-restricted program. The final grade in the selection procedure is calculated as 60% of the grade of the bachelor degree and 40% of the result of the aptitude test.
  8. In case of software and/or hardware failure that lies in the university’s responsibility the test may be taken again on a different date. (§ 8 (9)*)

If you decide to take the aptitude test on university computers on the premises of Frankfurt UAS, you should already have received an e-mail from the university with details regarding starting time, room number, etc. For further inquiries, please contact eignungstest(at)


* The paragraphs refer to the appropriate admission regulations. In case of doubt, examination regulations apply.

Last but not least, you need to formally apply to the university program.

For that, please follow the link.

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