Information for students of Infrastructure – Water and Transport (M.Eng.)

Information for students of the degree programs Infrastructure - Water and Traffic (M.Eng.) and Infrastructure Management (M.Eng.)

Students of Infrastructure - Water and Transport will find important information about the course of studies on this page, such as the examination regulations.

General information


Prof. Santowski, gunnar.santowski(at)

Deputy Prof. Dr. Weilandt

Student members

Mr. Hiebert, Deputy Chairman Mr. Terzi
Mr. Fandrich, Deputy Chairman Mr. Wessel
Mr. Yücel, Deputy Chairman Ms. Yurt

Professor members

Prof. Santowski, Deputy Prof. Dr. Weilandt
Prof. Dr. Becker, Deputy Prof. Dr. Horster
Prof. Dr. Lademann, Deputy Prof. Dr. Theilen

Examination regulations

Additional information concerning Frankfurt UAS

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