Information for students of Performative Arts in Social Fields (MA)

Students of Performative Arts in Social Fields can find important information about the course of study and for instance the examination regulations on this page.

Study organization

Examination registration for the modules takes place via the student portal FranCa of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences under the tile "Prüfungsanmeldung & Prüfungsabmeldung" (Examination registration & deregistration)

Examination regulations


Established, published on May 05, 2017, PR-schB RSO 57/15

Exam regulation

Exam regulations as of November 23, 2016, published on May 05, 2017, RSO 580

From summer semester 2023, new examination regulations will apply. These apply to all students who begin their studies from the aforementioned date. The examination regulations, the corresponding module handbook and the module plan can be found on the PKisF homepage.

 examination regulations from SoSe23 (German language)

Additional information concerning Frankfurt UAS

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