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Strategic Information Management (M.Sc.)

The world of modern information and communication technologies

The requirements in effectivity and efficiency of the use of ICT resources in companies are demanding since most business processes are already entirely processed by ICT. Is it your goal to plan, implement, steer and control, meaning: manage complex ITK projects to reach strategic company goals? Would you like to be able to estimate which freedom an appropriate IT strategy could have on the success of a company and how you could contribute to the strategic development of a company. Would you like to apply strategic information management for more than 'only' to secure competitive advantages? At the end of your studies you will be unstoppable.


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First-year students

Data collection and analysis, together with efficient business processes, offer a key to success in modern business. Managing a company without using information and information communication technology (ICT) is unthinkable today. Thanks to your background in Business Informatics, Business Administration or Information Technology you are already familiar with the problems of operational processes. You may already be working in a company on optimizing operations through appropriate information and communication systems.

Are you ready to take another step in your career? Your goal may be to plan, implement, manage and control complex ICT projects that achieve strategic business objectives – in other words, to lead. You want to be able to assess the effects of a specific informatics strategy on a company's success and predict how it can contribute to the strategic development of a business. And you want to know why strategic information management requires a holistic and inclusive approach that goes beyond simply “maintaining a competitive edge”.

Companies demand a lot from ICT. Resources have to be managed effectively and efficiently. The challenges are complex, not least because many business processes are now handled either partially or completely through ICT. We will prepare you thoroughly for these challenges.

Unbeatable content – put into practice

In order to meet the challenges of today's globalized economy you will need to know management methods and techniques, as well as possessing professional skills and a high degree of social competence. This program guarantees high quality standards:

  • You will be provided with theoretical knowledge in a course of lectures
  • You will develop your understanding through interactive seminars and interdisciplinary team projects.

You should know this!

  • More than 50% of the modules are taught in English.
  • This degree course offers excellent international perspectives. You can for instance attain an MBA at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse next to the M.Sc. in Frankfurt within 4.5 semesters. A fee-based stay in La Crosse for one year is required. The International Office of the Frankfurt UAS is looking forward to providing you with more information!


Program Strategic Information Management
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Terms 3 terms, full-time
ECTS credit points 90
Program start Each year winter semester
Application deadlines July 15
Languages German, English
Accreditation ZEvA until 30 September 2026
Admission requirements yes


The Strategic Information Management course qualifies you for a variety of management roles. Possible fields of application and employment are found at the interface between specialized departments and IT, as assistant to top decision-makers or in corporate line positions (business development, marketing, controlling, etc.). Your knowledge can also be used in the broad field of IT and corporate consulting or in the financial services sector.

This degree course prepares its graduates for professional tasks in the field of economy and administration for which the application of economical and technical/quantitative methods are required. Particularly, the analysis and structure of information and the interaction with people and teams are taught during the course of studies.

The graduates are able to fill a job position at the interface between departments and IT departments or work as an assistant to top decision makers.

Possible areas of employment and work are within many operational parts of companies and administrations. Next to the deployment with financial service providers, insurance companies, IT and consultation companies, telecommunication companies and other service providing companies, whose business base is the production factor information, the future graduates e.g. in technical marketing in data analysis/market research/, in the technical sales/distribution in IT companies, but also in parts of auditing, taxation, in accounting and controlling, the production, or in the logistics area.

The deployment as a management's assistant, the collaboration in outsourcing, knowledge management or merger and acquisition projects and in benchmarking studies, business plans, structuring of information and projects with the goal to use information as a strategic competitive advantage, are potential fields of employment. After a work phase, the career goal IT manager or Chief Information Office (CIO) can be achieved.

International perspectives of this degree course

This degree course allows students to spend the second or the third semester abroad. There are numerous exchange programs offered at the Frankfurt UAS with partner universities in the frame of the Sokrates/Erasmus program within Europe or the country partnerships Hesse-Wisconsin, Hesse-Massachusetts, Hesse-Louisiana, Hesse-Queensland. There are also partnerships with Mexico, South Korea, China etc. (please check the pages of the academic international office).

Almost the entire first semester in taught in English so that also the students studying in Frankfurt can profit from the guest students (internalization-@-home)

There is also the opportunity to complete the M.Sc. in Frankfurt and simultaneously an MBA at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse within 4.5 semesters by recognizing each other's credits. A fee-based stay in La Crosse for one year is however indicated.


The program includes the following areas of study:

  • Information Management with a focus on Business Intelligence/Big Data
  • Strategy and Risk Management
  • Organization and Leadership

Supporting software applications include SPSS, Oracle and SAP.

Course catalogue

Admission requirements

The deadline for the submission of the admission application ends on July 15, for the winter semester.

You must submit an informal, separate application if you would like your application to be considered for the random selection procedure. The application period begins two weeks prior to start of the lectures of the respective semester and ends on the day of the start of lectures of the respective semester.

Link to the academic calendar.

The degree course is admission restricted. The study spot placement takes place via a local NC procedures.

Admission to the degree course is only accepted if:

  • the bachelor's examination in the bachelor's degree courses, business administration, international finance, business information systems or computer science or the diploma examination in the diploma degree courses business administration, public management, international degree course finance and law or computer sciences at the institution of higher education Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main – University of Applied Sciences or
  • the bachelor's examination in the mentioned bachelor's degree courses or the diploma examinations in the stated diploma degree courses at a different universities of applied sciences or university or
  • a degree in accordance with section 1 and 2 of at least equivalent, similar degree at the Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main – University of Applied Sciences or from a different university of applied sciences or university, particularly in the subjects business information systems or business sciences, with a regular period of study of at least six semesters, or
  • at least a similar equivalent foreign degree or similar subject like in section 1 no 1 to 3 with a regular period of study of at least six semesters.

Applicants who do not have a complete final certificate from the previous degree, shall present a preliminary certificate in accordance with § 18 section 3 of the study place allocation regulations Hesse in the version from April 30, 2014. The application is otherwise not legally relevant!


I particularly enjoyed the modules information engineering and strategic finance management during my studies. I spent one semester at the Växjö University in Sweden. Next to the improvement of my English language skills and getting to know a new study system, a lot of new friendships developed. After my studies I spent 3/4 of a year in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand in order to gather new experiences in the frame of Work and Travel visa. Then I started to work at SAP Consulting in the technology consultation. My studies of strategic information management I learned analytical and systematic skills, which help me a lot in my current profession as a consultant

I spent one exchange semester at the HAAGA-HELIA University in Finland during my studies and completed an 8-month long internship with the Deutsche Börse Group in London. I currently work for KPMG in the IT-Advisory in the sector Information Risk Management. I accompany national and international companies in the fields of e-balance, SEPA, e invoicing, SAP. It is a great feeling to be able to be a part of decisions after the studies and to thereby grow into responsible tasks. During the degree course Strategic Information Management the personality formation was promoted with the leadership modules in order to be also able to take on a social responsibility and act in a value-based manner.

I started to work in an Internet startup in Berlin and I am excited about the dynamic and look forward to the exciting tasks. My exchange semester at the University of Massachusetts Boston offered me new insights.

After I completed my studies at the end of 2011 I started to work at metafinanz as an assistant of a department head in the business organization. My main tasks was project work already at the beginning of 2012. Today I primarily plan projects in the areas of social media, electronic communication and IT infrastructure. During my studies I spent one semester in Sweden in order to touch up my language skills. The semester abroad was a great experience with respect to my occupation and my personal life.

In the frame of the double degree program I attained my M.Sc. in Strategic Information Management at the Frankfurt UAS and an MBA at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse in only 2.5 years. This degree course did not only help me on the job market but also provided me with a lot of experiences beyond linguistic and professional knowledge. The interface between IT and business offers a lot of opportunities so that I can only recommend it to every person interested.

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse published in a blog the positive collaboration in the exchange program.

Duration and requirements

The course lasts three semesters (or, in the absence of professional practice or ECTS credits, four semesters) and starts every year in the winter semester. You will need very good knowledge of English and a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Business Information Systems, Computer Science or Business Administration/Economics or an equivalent foreign degree with a standard study period of at least six semesters. The number of participants for this course is restricted. For more information about registration, requirements and enrollment please contact the student services center.

  • This degree program has been certified by ZEvA and is worth 90/120 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits.
  • Upon the successful completion of your studies you will receive the Master of Science (M.Sc.).

Two in one sweep: use international perspectives

This degree program offers excellent international perspectives. For example, you can combine the M.Sc. in Frankfurt with a 4.5-semester MBA from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. This requires a paid year-long stay in La Crosse.



Dipl. Päd.
Sabrina Müller
Program coordinator "Chancen bilden"
Building BCN, Room 829

Questions about the application admission procedure

Head of degree course

Prof. Dr.
Swen Schneider
Head of degree course: Strategic Information Management
Building 4, Room 502

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