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Are you passionate about facts and figures and are you talented in handling them? If so, you will make your way. The understanding of accounting and finance is a key task in managing companies. Have you already acquired relevant fundamental knowledge in the fields of controlling, financing, accounting and taxes? Then the master program in Accounting and Finance is a consistent and logical continuation of your academic career. Know-how: Experts in financial management still prevail on the market and have excellent and exciting prospects in the economy, science and in research.


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Unbeatable content and close to practice

In today’s economy – signified by a global environment – you require knowledge of methods and techniques, professional skills and a high degree of social competence (soft skills) in order to meet the demanding challenges of a leading manager. The master program in Accounting and Finance guarantees an intensive enriching exploration of relevant issues in financial business management and high quality standards

  • in providing theoretical foundations,
  • in applying the acquired competences to practice in interdisciplinary projects in heterogeneous teams. This includes analyzing and working on complex real-life problems.

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Program Accounting and Finance
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Terms 3 terms, full-time
ECTS-Credit Points 90
Program start Each year winter semester
Application deadlines Until July 15
Languages German, English
Accreditation ZEvA till SS 2019
Admission requirements yes


This master program will prepare you for a responsible position in management, investment-banking, consulting or accounting. Specialists in financial management still assert themselves in the job market and have excellent and exciting career opportunities in business, science and research. You will also have the option of an academic career and later earning a Phd/doctorate.

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Special features

You will be studying in small groups and understand content closely linked to business practice. Besides working on a wide range of current and relevant issues and learning about case-related practical approaches, your studies will be enriched by close co-operation with selected companies.

Duration, Application Deadline and Pre-requisites for admission

The study program lasts three semesters and starts every year in the winter semester. The application deadline is July 15, of the respective year. Pre-requisite is a bachelor's degree or Diplom (German academic degree) or an equivalent degree from abroad in business administration or a closely related field of study with a standard period of study of at least 6 semesters. At least 40 ECTS of the former degree must have been attained in the fields of controlling, accounting, financing or taxation. Knowledge of the English language at level B2 is to be proven. Graduates with a bachelor's degree with less than 210 ECTS: you will be required to complete a further 30 ECTS up until the master's thesis.

Accreditation and degree

  • The master program Accounting and Finance is accredited with ZEvA. The program comprises 90 ECTS.
  • Upon successful completion of your studies you will be awarded a Master of Science (M.Sc.).


Yes. Applicants with less than 210 ECTS credits can or must attain an additional amount of 30 ECTS credits at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences until the master's thesis is registered.

Yes. However at the time of enrollment the bachelor certificate must be presented. The enrollment dates are set by the Admissions Office for the degree courses with admission restrictions. This date is usually prior to the start of the lectures, i.e. end of September or at the beginning of October.

Yes, that is basically possible, if the accomplishments from a different institution are similar with respect to content and extent to the modules taught during the master's degree course Accounting and Finance. Please contact the degree course coordinator in this case.

Basically yes. There are a few exceptions from this requirement to proof it by certificate, which are mentioned in a separate question about this topic.

You can find out on the website of the Common European Reference Frame for Languages which score you must reach in the different certificates (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS) in order to meet the requirements.

No. You do not need a separate proof of language efficiency, if you completed 30 ECTS credits in modules held in English, whether you attained them within Germany or abroad.

The study place allocation takes place in accordance with the so-called numerus-clausus procedure like in the proceeding of our bachelor's degree courses. That means that 80% are allocated in accordance with the grade point average and the remaining 20% are allocated in accordance with the waiting period. It is referred to the waiting period after the acquisition of the bachelor certificate.

This cannot be determined beforehand and may be different every semester. The so-called selection border can only be determined afterwards. It is particularly dependent on the number of study applicants and their academic achievements.

Please address your questions about general application and admission requirements to the employees International Office.

No, due to the short duration of the degree course an institutionalized exchange with international institutions is currently not planned.

Yes, that is possible. Please contact the International Office with questions regarding partner universities, organization or financing. You should also find out prior to your stay abroad, which achievements can be recognized.

The degree course is designed as a full-time degree course with respect to the course load. That also means that professional activities cannot be considered with respect to lecture and examination times. In general, we do not recommend working part of full-time next to studying this master's degree course.

Questions with respect to the application and admission procedure can be directed at the Student Services Office. Students with an international degree should contact the International Office. For more information on the degree course please contact the degree course coordinator.

Admission requirements

The deadline for the receipt of the admission application ends on July 15, for the winter semester.

You must submit an informal, separate application if you would like your application to be considered for the random selection procedure. The application period begins two weeks prior to start of the lectures of the respective semester and ends on the day of the start of lectures of the respective semester.

Link to the academic calendar.

The degree course is admission restricted. The study spot placement takes place via a local NC procedures.

You can only be admitted to the master's degree course if you

a) completed a bachelor's examination in one of the bachelor's degree courses with a regular period of study of at least six semesters or with at least 180 ECTS credits or

b) a diploma examination in the diploma degree course with a regular period of study of at least six semesters and

If the previous degree course included less than 210 ECTS credits, the admission is granted with the condition that additionally successfully completed modules of up to 30 ECTS credits must be attained until the registration for the master's thesis.

The examination board decides on the choice of modules.

The proof of having met the criteria can be provided by successfully completing the additional module 13 practice-transfer-project. Knowledge and application competencies in the following fields are to be proven:

1. Internal accounting

2. External accounting

3. Taxes

4. Financing.

This knowledge and competencies are considered proven, if at least 40 ECTS credits were attained in modules that specialized in the stated areas in the previous degree course. The application form that is to be filled out and the respective annex to the application can be found here.



Dipl. Päd.
Sabrina Müller
Diplompädagogin, Programmkoordinatorin "Chancen bilden"
Building BCN, Room 829

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