Information for prospective students of Bioprocess engineering (B. Eng.)

Combining natural and engineering sciences: that's Bioprocess engineering

As a graduate in biological process engineering, you will apply your knowledge in the fields of natural and engineering sciences in order to design and utilize biotechnological processes and equipment. You will produce high quality health and nutritional products, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food. The production of these items by way of biological systems (bacteria, fungi, cell culture) is defined as ‘life science’.

Biotechnical processes play a key role for the sustainable production of necessary goods and increasingly for the use of residues or by-products. The industry is therefore looking for process engineers with biotechnological skills. As a graduate of this bachelor's degree course, you will apply your competencies in the areas of natural sciences and engineering in order to plan plants and apply process-technical and bioprocess engineering processes. You will work on the development of solutions for the great challenges of the future in the fields of food, environment, energy production and health.

Bioprocess engineering is an interdisciplinary discipline. During your studies you will develop a mindset for different disciplines, such as for instance biology, chemistry, process engineering, and general engineering sciences. As a graduate you will have the ability to communicate and cooperate with colleagues from your field, as well as from related disciplines - in a national and international setting.

The cross Europe accredited degree course bioprocess engineering is an open degree course, which means that you do not have to apply for the first semester but you can come in for direct enrolment into the degree course at our Admissions Office. 

Who should enrol in this degree course?

This degree course is right for you if you

  • are interested in science and technology
  • are looking for a job with interesting projects and creative teamwork
  • want to develop technology in an innovative growth industry and
  • develop solutions for the great challenges of the future in the fields of food, environment, energy production and health in interdisciplinary teams.


Program Bioprocess engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Terms 7 terms, full-time
ECTS-Punkte 210
Program start Winter semester
Enrollment period New in WS 18/19:not admission restricted
  Enrollment 25.6.-6.7.2018 and 30.7.-15.10.2018
Languages German, English

This degree course was accredited by ASIIN e. V. bis Sptember 30, 2023 akkreditiert.

It was additionally accredited byENAEE als EUR-ACE Bachelor

Information on the laboratories

In the laboratories of process and bioprocess engineering, we also teach the development of key skills such as capacity for teamwork, independence and own initiative next to the application and training of scientific methods through activating forms of teaching. In lab projects and small group exercises, the lecture content is enhanced and expanded through practical exercises. Working in a team, as well as the critical questioning of test results and their presentation is trained. The work in the labs prepares the students for current tasks and modern working methods in the industrial practice. They were and continue to be the location for research projects and industrial cooperation.

Course of study

The studies are divided into three-semester general studies encompassing basic subjects such as chemistry, mathematics, physics and microbiology. In the three semester-long main courses particular attention is paid to the training in bioprocess engineering and engineering.

The imparted knowledge will be required in a future profession in order to develop new processes and products.

The fourth semester is taught in English and gives you the opportunity to work in an international setting or to complete postgraduate studies abroad. The degree course is completed in the 7th semester with a Bachelor’s thesis, in which you independently implement your acquired knowledge into a practical project.

Study organization

You can only enroll for this course for the winter semester (begin of semester October 1).

You should possess good English skills since the fourth semester is offered entirely in the English language.


Core electives

Here you can find the obligatory modules of the faculty. The abbreviations behind the modules will tell you for which degree courses the modules can be elected.

Admission requirements

The enrollment can take place until the begin of the lectures.

Access the academic calendar.

The degree course is not admission restricted.

Access the academic calendar.

Required is the higher education entrance qualification as well as sufficient knowledge of the German and English language. After seven semesters you will receive the academic degree 'Bachelor of Engineering' after having successfully passed the final examination with colloquium.

Part-time studies

Students, whose course of study has deviated from the regular course of full-time studies – for whatever reason – can seek personal counseling from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Goal of the counseling is, while considering personal conditions of an individual course of study, to graduate in an appropriate period of time. In order to reach this goal, we will develop a course plan together with you.

It is also checked whether there are reasons for a formal application of part-time studies. Additional information about the requirements and study organization of part-time studies can be found on the pages of the Admissions office.

The consultation is offered by the degree course counselors or the degree counselor of your degree course. Please schedule an appointment via email.


You possess broad, interdisciplinary knowledge. This allows you to take on highly skilled jobs in development, production and sales in manifold areas, such as for instance in the chemical industry and in process engineering, in the biotechnological and food industry, the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, environmental technology and energy production, in companies of apparatus and plant engineering, as well as in engineering and service companies who work in this field and in many other fields. Your are furthermore able to continue your education with a consecutive master's degree in Germany or abroad.

Personal consultation for interested students and transfer students

Are you interested in studying Bioprocess Engineering at the Frankfurt UAS?

The degree course coordinator can be contacted for a personal consultation or more detailed information Prof. Dr. Heike Holthues.

Prof. Dr.
Heike Holthues
Studiengangsleitung Bioverfahrenstechnik (BioV) Bachelor
Building 7, Room 112
Prof. Dr.
Axel Blokesch
Studiengangsleitung Angewandte Biowissenschaften (dual) Bachelor
Building 8, Room 212
Ute Cocker
Building 9, Room 316
Fax : +49 69 1533-3260
Eren Cigdem Kartalkaya
Building 9, Room 316
Fax : +49 69 1533-3260
Prof. Dr.
Heike Holthues
Studiengangsleitung Bioverfahrenstechnik (BioV) Bachelor
Building 7, Room 112

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